The 2015 Doom Landscape

2015 – The Dangers Ahead

Storm Clouds Gathering

According to a new Associated Press-Times Square Alliance poll, 48% of Americans believe that 2015 will be a better year than 2014 was, while only 11% think it will be worse. …

The Ukraine War

The war in Ukraine isn’t over … and the stakes are getting higher … In December, the Ukrainian government announced their intention to double their military budget and conscript 40,000 new soldiers for an offensive against the East. Also the U.S. government is moving to supply the Ukrainian government … (and Ukraine intends to make a bid to enter NATO). Why is this dangerous? Because the NATO agreement compels each of its members to defend all other members militarily if attacked. … (In 2014) we saw … Kiev claiming that they were being invaded by Russia over and over … The U.S. took their claims at face value … If Ukraine were a NATO member these claims could trigger military deployments. Considering the fact that this is a scenario that NATO is actively preparing for, this has to be taken seriously. …


The Oil Price Squeeze

… According to Guardian and SALON (What really happened in Beijing: Putin, Obama, Xi — and the back story the media won’t tell you), in September of 2014 John Kerry instructed the Saudis to raise production and to cut its crude price. …

This move might seem absurd since it is going to hurt U.S. oil producers as well, but it is clearly going to hurt Washington’s key opponents (namely Iran, Venezuela and Russia) …

The drop in oil prices has already had a massive impact on the value of the Rubble and combined with the sanctions there is a good chance the Russian economic situation could degrade even more in the coming year.

(This) has also interfered with Russia’s efforts to establish trade agreements which bypass the dollar. …


The Syrian War

The conflict in Syria isn’t going away. … U.S. airstrikes will continue in 2015, but they won’t destroy ISIS, or even weaken it significantly. … In the short term ISIS is doing most of Washington’s dirty work by weakening Assad.

(And) remember the group did get a hold of 88 pounds of uranium in Iraq this past summer. In December of 2014 ISIS announced that not only have they built dirty bombs with this material, but that they had already smuggled them into Europe. …

An event like this would put a full fledged invasion of Syria on the table, and would obviously be used to justify an even greater expansion of surveillance and police powers. …



The Ebola chart is still moving in the same direction (up).

(In) Sierra Leone … according to the Red Cross, the number of cases has in fact spiked in recent weeks … Liberia has also seen a resurgence of cases in the past month, and 800 aid workers have been infected at this point with 500 of them dying.

The virus is mutating as fast (or faster than) the seasonal flu … Until this Ebola is completely eradicated, it remains a dangerous wildcard …


Racial Tensions in the U.S.

… a gas can waiting for a match. …


The TPP and TTIP

… Obama himself is a wildcard. Though his influence is declining … he is willing to use executive orders …

The fact that Obama has nothing to lose in 2015 is likely to factor in on issues like the TPP (which Obama says he intends to support in spite of resistance from the left), he also supports the TTIP which is slated for a renewed push in 2015 as well.

These agreements contain provisions which would hand even more power to multi-national corporations, and implement SOPA and CISPA through backdoor channels.

The only reason we know anything about these treaties is from leaked drafts. The negotiations are being conducted in secret …

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(But they don’t mention the Lunar Tetrad, the Feast of Trumpets and natural disaster, or the coming of the antichrist.)

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