Some of the Psycho-Spiritual Politics and Geo-Politics of the Hebdo Murders

Charlie Hebdo Murders and the Ancient Golden Gate

Michael Erevna,
January 9th, 2015

The Charlie Hebdo radical Islamic attacks (by professionally trained gunmen) left Paris, France in a state of fear, trauma, and anger. …

I loaded the coordinates into my planetarium software and calibrated the time zone for Paris. Lo and behold, I discovered the “Golden Gate” lined up …

For those of you who are unaware the “Golden Gate” is an anciently revered entrance to the heavenly realm. The ancients also said they witnessed celestial beings entering heaven there. …

There are 88 constellations accepted by scholars of the world. What are the chances one of the two anciently revered points in space would share in so many mass murders? The “Golden Gate” has around a four hour window over a geographic location. …

This same cosmic alignment was shared with the following mass murder locations: Jared Loughner, Batman massacre, Sandy Hook, and now Charlie Hebdo. What could possibly be entering this anciently revered gate during a mass murder? …

These dark forces need us and I believe they are working in tandem with various occult groups of the human race. …

Ephesians 6: 12 …


==============(Meanwhile, back on Earth)==============

Paris attack designed to shore up France’s vassal status: Paul Craig Roberts

Jan 10, 2015

A former White House official says the terrorist attack that killed 12 people on Wednesday in Paris was a false flag operation “designed to shore up France’s vassal status to Washington.”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, made the remarks in an article published on Thursday. … Dr. Roberts said now the US agencies have planned false flag operations in Europe to create hatred against Muslims and bring European countries under Washington’s sphere of influence.

He noted that “the attack on Charlie Hebdo was an inside job and that people identified by NSA as hostile to the Western wars against Muslims are going to be framed for an inside job designed to pull France firmly back under Washington’s thumb.” …


==============(and already, it bears fruit)==============

France sends Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier for anti-ISIS op in Iraq

January 14, 2015

French President Francois Hollande has announced that the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier is ready for use in military operations against Islamic State in Iraq. …


==================(And again.)=================

54 arrested in France for ‘hate speech’
France declares war on free speech

Associated Press | January 14, 2015

France ordered prosecutors around the country Wednesday to crack down on hate speech, anti-Semitism and glorifying terrorism, announcing that 54 people had been arrested for those offenses since the Paris terror attacks. …


(See Where’s Waldo? for some background. And see the 2012 summer Olympics Closing Ceremony celebrates Aurora Shooting for more background.)

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