Gold as Currency

(If you think of gold as a currency, it is the only anti-fiat currency. The fiat currencies, of course, are the heart of the banking system; and the banking system has been suppressing the price of gold but under conditions that are making this more and more difficult. The following post speculates that, despite what the politicians and bankers officially say, it was this that led to the Swiss dropping their peg to the Euro.)

I have a Theory On The Swiss Franc

17 Jan 2015 Written by: It’s a Mystery

I have (a theory that) everything is about gold. … I believe the SNB was massively short gold and dropped the peg to cover their short. … (Gold had made) a clearly defined breakout after a lengthy consolidation (then after the Swiss decision, it failed, especially in terms of Swiss francs) spectacularly …  (So the Swiss could have done this to facilitate covering their short position in gold.) …

Something has happened in the markets the past several weeks. Gold started to break out as we detailed in previous writings. Gold in Euros (Yen, Dollars, and Swiss Francs) exploded out of a base. …

That leaves me to … the physical flow of gold from West to East. In a recent piece, Koos Jansen (noted the) amount of gold that is imported into Switzerland, refined and then exported. If any country knows about the flow of gold it is Switzerland. They are the refining hub. Did the SNB look at the data and realize that the physical offtake was reaching levels where it could no longer be ignored? …

(More, with Charts…)

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