Will Germany Bolt?

According to Jim Willie, so says the videographer below at the 1:36 mark, Germany is probing its option to ditch the sytsem backed by NATO and join the BRICS. This, he says, is why NSA was spying on Merkel and German leaders.

That’s the tip of the iceberg.

Anyway, the U.S. has suddenly turned against Russia. Russia is attacking the U.S. dollar. And both countries are after access to energy markets. But it goes deeper.

Jim Willie writes the Hat Trick Letter and the Golden Jackass website. Here is a longer interview:

The Golden Jackass Speaks! And he is very instructional.


Germany gave the Swiss a margin call on their short gold/ long dollar position. The Swiss were getting extended generally in their effort to maintain their peg to the Euro; but since they were leasing German gold, Germany had some say. Anyway, they let the peg go, and it was to Germany’s liking.

The Swiss are unique. They know who is moving and who is leasing and who is receiving an emergency supply of gold, etc.

From what he has been saying it seems that nations use gold to back their banks. The U.S. and the Swiss both have stolen a lot over the years.

3,000 to 5,000 German companies are doing business with Russia. Russia has a lot of railroad that goes to Germany. The Germans are done with the Euro, with the European Union, and with NATO (10:00 minute mark or so).

The dollar is losing its world reserve currency status. China and Brazil 2006 set up the first yuan swap facility. Other yuan swap facilities followed. The worldwide settlement of trade in the dollar is dropping steadily and approaching 50%. Almost all Chinese trade is non-dollar now, and the BRICS alliance has 140 nations signed up.

Putin booted out the Rothschilds in 2013; and now the Rothschilds are attacking Russia through Ukraine. The older wealthy eastern families are at war with the Rothschilds. For 30 months they have drained the western vaults of 1,000 tons/month. Russia now has 25,000 tons and China 20,000 tons, of gold.

The Hong Kong based mafia is the enforcer for the east, and 90% of the western bankers have cut deals to preserve their lives and most of their personal wealth as this transition goes down. Just before Christmas Willie learned that the western cabal is on the extreme defensive. The one group that is holding out is the Bush family. (They represent the Boston establishment which has enormous wealth gained over centuries of international trade in illicit drugs.)

Before that, in Europe from 250 AD to 1600 AD, the Pope was like an emperor. During that time western wealth was accumulated by the Vatican. That’s the western power today.

In the east, China predates this considerably, and has its own elite power center. They’re fed up with the Agenda 21 architects, the Bushes, Rothschilds, etc.

Fukishima was not an accident, and it is affecting the Pacific ocean and California. The drought in California is not natural either, but induced by HARP. California will no more be the breadbasket of the world.

The eastern families are working to wreck the western bankers, reject and quarantine the dollar. The dollar is not getting stronger. The dollar index is rising because the dollar is dying.

All the major currencies are linked to crude oil prices in order to manage the cost of oil for their respective nations. Currency derivatives link the forex currencies to the price of oil. The Saudis are working with Beijing to link the yuan to oil. As the petro-dollar died, the currencies and their control mechanisms through derivatives are failing and so traders want to settle in dollars. This is driving the price of dollars up. This does not represent dollar strength but failure of the world financial system.

Imagine major European banks each having their share of these derivative contracts tying the major currencies to the price of oil. They maintain the price of oil as measured in these currencies in a tight range. The radical fall in oil prices in 2014 represents the failure of these mechanisms. The stock markets are managed as well in the same way. (What does that say for it?)

Rob Kirby helped Willie figure out that commodity, stock, and currency prices are not longer a function of supply and demand but have become managed (some might say manipulated) through derivative contracts.


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