Katy Perry: 2015 Super Bowl Dark Horse Decoded

These notes I made from the video are intermixed with my own comments.

Katy Perry plays the role of an Egyptian queen, and sings, “Make me your Aphrodite.” Aphrodite was the Roman goddess of love. But the song is about more than that. It is about accepting the spirit of lewdness and perverted lust. It accurately associates this with the practice of magic. The song inaccurately says that you can not turn back once you enter in. The Lord Jesus Christ can get you out if you repent of it and ask Him to throw Lucifer out of your heart and make you His own. But other than the salvation of Jesus Christ, the song is correct that there no way out.

She sings, “So you want to play with magic! … I’m comin’ atcha like a dark horse,” and “a perfect storm,” and sings that if you play but then turn away, she’s “going to eat your heart out.” She holds up the eye of Horus in place of her own eye indicating that there is more power here than just her own. The eye represents the illumination, or being filled with an inner vision. But Horus is Lucifer. This illumination is the “knowledge of good and evil” given to Adam and Eve in the garden.

The “dark horse” is the biblical horse of death. She sings, don’t break my heart or I will become cold as ice and kill you like a dark horse, and eat your heart out. She is teaching against the Christian virtue of forgiveness, and she is replacing this with meeting out an icy justice and with taking vengeance.

She says that once you go to the dark side there is no going back. The end result of lust is death. The end result of the practice of magic is death. The end result of rebellion against God is death.

Someone sings, “She’s a beast, I call her Karma.” Karma is “just retribution”. It is not forgiveness. Karma is an eye for an eye. If you fall in love with her and she with you you have to keep her. There is no going back.

She then arouses a man (this is the so-called love they are talking about: nothing but momentary lust) and ascends to the top of an obelisk (phallis shaped building), and at the top of that walks to the top its pyramidal pinnacle. This is symbolizing her as an ascended master. Standing there, she becomes a phoenix, spreading her wings with a fiery motif in the clouds behind her. The Phoenix represents the New World Order. The esoteric NWO plan is that America will be sacrificed to empower the new world order, which will then rise from its ashes like the mythical pheonix.

The videographer has seen in a vision that there will be a nuclear blast in the United States. Katy sings, are you sure you want to do this? Are you ready for this? You can’t go back. In pre-Superbowl interviews Katy said she hoped this performance will take her to the next level.

From becoming an ascended master at the top of the pyramid, where can you go next? During the performance, the pyramid becomes a UFO and rises into the sky as the clouds open up for it. This represents initiation. The performance is an attempt to cast a spell to initiate the world into the “big idea” that Bush spoke of, and that Reagan described as an “enemy from without” that would unite the nations, and that Hillary Clinton described saying the movie Independence Day depicted the kind of intervention we need right now to bring us together. Katy, on her part, is casting a spell for it.

Then at the end of the video we see the human-headed dog panting lustfully after her. This is a reference from the movie, Mars Attacks. Also the bible teaches that “outside of the kingdom are dogs.” These “dogs” are a reference to male prostitutes. The Jews called the Samaritans “dogs”. It is a perverted spirit. And these voices are bringing this sprit about in the United States. Once the public goes through this portal, there will be no turning back.

Katy Perry is about to take this message on a pyramid-themed tour.

And check out Katy Perry’s kitten programming.


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