U.S. Military on the Move

in Europe?

ALERT: Major Troop Movement in Germany and Holland


… Highway closures in Germany- rerouting traffic- massive military Convoy out of  Ramstein AF Base (US). … Autobahn … shut off … American Vehicles behind the Barricade …

wed night … massive flights out of  Ramstein- US Air Force Base

Grafenwoehr (Bavaria) Train Station– the military vehicles are moving also …


2nd batch of heavy transport planes taking off …  Leeuwarden military airport– Dutch Military. … 3rd batch of heavy transports … C130 Hercules, no identifying marks …

Edited Feb 19, 2015 at 7:50 pm GMT to add:

Due to the Ukraine crisis the USA has raised its military presence in the Spangdalem Airport. Last week 12 A-10 fighter planes with 300 military personell (sic) were sent from Arizona to the Eifel …
part of the europe wide US program “Atlantic Resolve” … to protect eastern European NATO states from possible Russian aggression.

“The A-10 airplanes … to take part in maneurers (sic) together with NATO partners on the border to Russia. … This is the first time such transfers have been made to Europe in case there is a need for “regional reaction”

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