Bakr al Baghdadi


It might be Baghdadi, but it seems more likely it will be someone that will follow Baghdadi in the rule of ISIS or its legacy.


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4 Responses to Bakr al Baghdadi

  1. John D says:

    Baghdadi is CIA
    just like Osama was US Colonel Tim Osman from the beginning after the real Osama was gone..

    • icliks says:

      Well if you’re going to have a terrorist force, you need good leadership!

      • John D says:

        So when is this madness going to end?

        We sheeple paying taxes to Zionist terrorists who have seized control of our governments
        and are using our hard earned dollars taken from us against our will to finance murder,theft
        depravity and deception worldwide…

        Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuked and the rest of Japan firebombed, Dresden and Hamburg firebombed on Zionist Bernard Baruch’s orders, 91 Million Russians murdered in the Zionist Gulags, 30 million Ukrainians murdered in the Zionist Terror Famine, Millions murdered by Zionist Mao Tse Tung, and millions murdered by Zionist Pol Pot in Cambodia Killing Fields, Millions dead in Iraq and Afghanistan all caused by US Zionists, How many 100’s of millions of people in the past 50 years have been murdered by the Zionist international Satanic Crime Cabal?

        Kennedy was assassinated by Jackie paid by Israel so they could get nukes which Kennedy had refused to give them..911 was carried out by Mossad using nukes stolen from the US Pantex Facility in Texas. Mossad was likely behind the underwater nuked attacks against Pakistans’ seaside Nuclear Plant which backfired and caused the Tsunami in Indonesian and Thailand.
        Likewise it was Israel who blew an underwater nuke off Fukushima to cover us the camera nukes they used in the Nuclear Plant itself. And now it is Israel who are threatening President Obama and the Us citizens of the East Coast of the US with yet another offshore underwater nuclear induced Tsunami attack it he doesn’t help them to destroy Iran (See Jewish Prophet Mossad’s Efraim Rodriquez “Prophecy” on Veterans Today a few days ago! This is a direct threat on the American People and on President Obama and this Psycho Efraim Rodriguez should be arrested and questioned and this planned coming attack against the USA and the President stopped now.
        How much you want to bet Netanyahu is behind this plan just like Israel was behind 911 to get the
        US people angry against Arabs so they would fight Israel’s enemies for them!

        Remember the motto of the Mossad?

        “By way of deception we wage war!”

        Wake up America before it is too late!

        Likewise with Israei’s nukes being used in the Ukraine with the Zionist stooge Poroshenko and psychopath Yatsenuk, Likewise, with the 90 school children murdered by Zionists in Norway when they spoke out about Israel’s murder of the Palestinians, Likewise, with the two Malaysia Airline jets knocked out of the sky by Zionists when Malaysia hosted the International Criminal Court and voted to indict Israel for war crimes against Gaza!

        When are we, as the people of this planet, stand up and destroy this psychopathic murderous cancer of International Zionism that has infected our fair Earth?

        When will we rise up as one and destroy the Zionists once and for all???

        That is my question?
        Any one of you have an answer?

      • icliks says:

        Not that we shouldn’t resist – we should stand for what is right. But they, whoever they are (zionists, jesuits, illuminati, guardians of the grail, etc., etc.), serve Lucifer and will wage war against mankind until Jesus Christ returns and conquers them.

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