The Dark Side of the World, Part II

If you want my notes on the first half-hour or so, go to The Dark Side of the World. These notes begin at about 29 minutes into the testimony, but here is the whole video:


29:00 He made a second visit to the city and visited the laboratories there. They were inventing and manufacturing fancy and nice things in order that mankind would be distracted by them and not become spiritually aware. They had a monitor with which they could observe the born again Christians in the world. Born again Christians were regarded differently than other churchgoers were.

He joins in a meeting where Lucifer, or Satan, spoke. Lucifer instructed those present to fight only against the Christian believers because the others were already his. He said that God had kicked him out of heaven (although he refused to use the word), and so does not want anybody else to get to heaven either.

He said they would use money, wealth, and women to destroy the church.

Lucifer said that his time was near. He promised his followers that they would be made rulers.

During the meeting, someone said the name Jesus in answer to a question, and to everyone’s surprise Lucifer fell from his seat. He shouted at the man and warned him never to mention that name if he loves his life.

Before Immanuel left the city, the Queen of the Coast put human ashes and other things in the bones of his legs, a stone in his finger, and something else inside the bone of his right hand. The stone was to know the thought of anyone against him. The thing in his hand was to empower him to destroy, and the things in his legs were to harden him and make him able to manifest in many forms. He had no human feelings nor mercy at this point.

The Queen also gave him a telescope, a T.V., and a video. These were to be used to detect the born again Christians inside the church. She also gave him sixteen girls to work as his agents.

Thus armed, he returned to Lagos and waged war on Christians. Those speaking out loudly for the truth and new converts were a special target. He did well, and Lucifer made him chairman of the wizards. Wizards attended these meetings in the form of birds, cats, or snakes. In the form of birds they are more dangerous. As cats they could reach both spirits and humans. As rats they can enter houses easily and then turn to shadow and then to a human being and suck the victim’s blood.

They planned a wizard’s conference in the city of Benin, but the Christians in Nigeria went into prayers and praises to their God and the plans were shattered. “Christians should note that the moment they go into real praises to God almighty, there would be trouble and confusion both in the sea and in the air, and the agents of Satan would have no resting place.

Later, he was moved to the city and put in charge of producing the following things:

  • “White Garment Churches”: When a man asks them for assistance to build a prayer house and help him perform healings, etc., he would be given some conditions: a) he will donate one or two souls every year, b) members of the higher offices of the church will be initiated into the wizards society, and c) no member can wear shoes in the prayer house.
    The man would be given something like white gravel, human bones, blood and charms in a native pot and told to bury it in front of the church and bury a cross on its top. The cross only is to remain visible. He is to maintain a pool or basin where spirits would continue to supply special water. This water is what you hear them call “holy water”.
    People go to these “prophets” to have evil spirits cast out, but more are added instead. The prophet tells the member to take a red cloth and put it in their house and always pray with candles and incenses. By this, the person invites the Luciferian society into their house.
  • Maternities: Women go to the Society asking for help opening a maternity. She would be given the condition that one month of the year all born in the maternity will die. She would be given a charm to attract people to the maternity. Shoes are not allowed in such maternities.
  • Fancy stores: The one making this request would have to join the Society, and would be given a ring that no woman should be allowed to touch. The Society will stock the store.
  • Bearing of children: A barren woman requesting help would be required to bring a white cock, a goat, native chalk, and baby care to them. But (“also”, I think) the “native doctor” would bring those things. The wizards would use these things and mix other things. The child born would not be a normal human. They always die before their parents. Women barren on earth often have children in the sea.
  • Money: Someone asking the Society for money must give a part of his body or bring his son or a brother if not having a son. The victim would be killed by the recipient who would be given a spear or arrow to kill them through a mirror image of them.

44 minutes


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