The Ghost in the Machine

Wait! Before you think this is narrow-minded fundamentalism! If that’s where you’re mind goes in response to the title below, please don’t read this article! Read the Testimony of the ex-Shaman instead. This won’t seem like narrow-minded fundamentalism after that.

A Real Demon Emerges From Electronic Game, and Parents are Literally Horrified! Possessing and Inspiring Horrific, Unthinkable Acts! Majority of Kids Have Already Played With This Hellish Monster!

By Lyn Leahz
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March 1, 2015

“This is no joke. It is no play on words. There is a real demonic manifestation living within your children’s computer games, and it is possessing them…literally taking over their minds and convincing them to …

“One demon in particular who goes by Slender Man is having a huge impact on children who play Minecraft, as young as age four. …



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