The NDE Matrix

How would I, as a Christian, relate to the growing body of evidence presented by Near Death Experiences (NDEs)? NDEs come in “all shapes and sizes.” People seem to enter a realm that is made up of the cultural/spiritual matrix of their life. How am I as a Christian to explain this?

Now when I say I am a Christian, I realize that in the present day and age I need to qualify this. There are Christians and then there are Christians. What I mean by Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ was a real man that lived in history and that he actually was born to a virgin woman, he lived a sinless (morally perfect) life, when on the cross he truly did die, and he really did bodily resurrect. It is the belief that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God – meaning that he is God-the-Son. It is to say that God exists as a single unity but in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. To be Christian is to have come to this God as a sinner (morally imperfect life) and to have asked for his forgiveness and for his saving power through the name and work of his Son, Jesus Christ. To be Christian is to worship God through the Son, Jesus Christ.

So as that kind of Christian, here is my take on the increasingly popular NDE material.

Through the agency of the fall of Adam and through him of all mankind, the nations, the regions, the continents, are ruled over by fallen angelic principalities. When a person lives somewhere, anywhere; if they have not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, they are subject to and influenced by the angelic principalities that rule over that place. This is not merely a political rule, but it covers people’s social interactions (society), and their reasonings and motives (culture). It covers their very perception of what the world is. These cultural, social, and political outworkings are not “products” of these principalities but are outward extensions of them. The people are living within a spell: within the consciousness and within a form of the world projected by these angels and their minions.

Now all of these nations – whether they be Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic, or some other – all of the principalities ruling these nations present themselves as good. They appear to their subjects as angels of light. They are love, they are goodness, theirs is the way to bliss.

If a person has lived under such a spell, how much more when they die and the outward buffers are ripped away will they fall under that spell when they die. They have lived in the outward matrix; they enter, not suddenly into reality, but into the inward matrix. They meet the same deceiver face to face. Welcome to the white light! These people have not encountered reality. They have encountered directly the spirit that generates the earthly matrix that they had lived in. Yes, it is awesome. But not everything that is awesome represents the truth.

If you would like evidence of this matrix, check out this testimony of an ex-shaman.

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