Buddhist Monk Dies and Returns!

Buddhist monk from Myanmar, named Pyan Shinthaw Paulu, dies and sees Hell. The testimony is read in this video by someone else who is reading Pyan’s testimony. But, oops! This is probably not true.

My notes from the video:

Pyan became a novice monk at 18 years old and a monk a year or so later. He was mentored under the most famous monk in Myanmar of the time.

Pyan strove hard at his calling. After some years the master monk died in a car accident, shocking the country. Pyan became deathly ill about three years after that. The hospital could not help Pyan and released him. Back at the monastery he died and his body lay dead for three days and began to decompose.

Meanwhile he found himself in a very powerful storm that flattened everything. Walking along the plain, he crossed a river and discovered a lake of fire. In Buddhism there is no concept of such a place, so he was quite confused. Then he saw a demon. It had the face and body of a lion but legs like a serpent spirit, and a number of horns on its head. Pyan, trembling in fear, asked it its name to which it replied, “I am the king of hell. The destroyer.”

Instructed by the demon to look into the fires of hell, Pyan saw Buddhist monks there with their saffron robes. To his great surprise he saw the master monk there that had died three years before!

The demon explained that this monk was in hell because, “he did not believe in Jesus Christ.” When Pyan also saw Gautama Buddha there he complained to the demon that Gautama had good ethics and good moral character. He was told “It doesn’t matter how good he was. He is in this place because he did not believe in the eternal God.”

Pyan saw a giant there. He was told that it was Goliath and that Goliath was there because he had blasphemed God and his servant David. Pyan had never heard of Goliath or David. The demon told him that he would become a Christian and would read about them in the Bible.

The demons, not finding his name in the list of souls belonging to them, sent him back. On his journey back he got on a road, and eventually encountered a fork in the road … yes, the narrow fork was for believers in Jesus and the broad fork was for the unbelievers. He saw that people travelling down the broad road came to a terrible destruction. So he travelled down the narrow road, and encountered a man in a white robe. After he asked the man his name six times the man told Pyan that he was the one who holds the key to heaven. He said he was Peter. Peter sent Pyan to evangelize Myanmar and gave him the name Paul.

Paul returned to earth and into his body, which was in a box prepared for cremation. His mother and father were looking into the box saying their last farewells, and others were gathered around. Then the box was to be nailed shut and burned. He sat up and immediately began to tell his testimony. Besides having been dead three days, he had been a zealous monk so his testimony of hell and of heaven and of Christianity being the only true way shocked everybody. He has continued to evangelize Myanmar but nobody knows where he is now.


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