Navajo Myth of Creation, Giants, and the Flood


March 19, 2015 by Tom Horn

We had been told of the more than four thousand archaeological sites and six hundred cliff dwellings ascribed to the Anasazi … who built mesa-top villages and absolutely astonishing cliff dwellings …


Mesa Verde, Colorado – Image

This one location alone was a small city, three stories high and built right inside a sheer mountain wall … which the inhabitants would scale (upward) to tend their gardens on the top of the mesa, where they grew beans, squash, and corn. …


Image –


We couldn’t help but wonder why the Anasazi would have ascended such terribly dangerous circumstances to carve out such amazing fortresses. … All we could imagine was that this tremendous amount of additional effort had something to do with the need for a literal citadel of fantastic defensible proportions. …


(Our guide) showed us one of the kivas … used for rituals … Kivas are thought in many indigenous belief systems to be a portal to another world, a place where the kachina spirit-beings can manifest and interact with medicine men (what some call a shaman). (Inside the kiva, there was a) hole in the floor that served as the symbolic place of origin of the tribe—what the Hopi call sípapu from which the peoples emerged from the underworld and where the dead still can be summoned according to their religion …


Anasazi Pit, Image –

(The team also visited the Sun Temple.) After studying the Sun Temple and comparing it to ancient Mesoamerican culture and edifices, it (became Tom Horn’s opinion, which is as good as anybody else’s, since nobody knows) that this site may have been intended as a place for human sacrifice similar to those of the Aztec and Maya. …

Blood sacrifice was a religious activity in most premodern cultures during some stage of their development, especially as it involved invoking the gods, and the “Sun God” was typically chief among them. …


Reptile with Halo on the left? Image –

(Also) Dr. Don Mose Jr., a third-generation medicine man (says) that the oldest legends of the Anasazi, which he had been told by his great-grandfather (who likewise had been told by his ancestors) included stories of the Anasazi turning to sorcery, sacrifice, and cannibalism after they “lost their way” and were driven insane by a reptilian creature, which they depict with a halo above his head. (Images of this being are included in the petroglyphs we filmed inside the canyons, and I believe they likely attest to the fallen reptile [or reptiles] of biblical fame, which also misled humanity.) … [Also see the rock pictured in The Hypnotic Effects of 5G.]

Dr. Mose (substantiated) the age-old and globally recorded story of “those who come through portals” and the impact they have had on biblical and global history past and present, and not only did he weave Navajo Indian myths and legends seamlessly with our understanding of the six days of creation, the arrival of Nephilim, and their connection to judgment by a global flood followed by the repopulating of peoples around the world and a second incursion of giants …

He then proceeded to tell us the older stories that his grandfather had repeated about these mysterious peoples actually disappearing after they came under mind control from a reptile with a halo, a carnivorous creature suspiciously similar to what Cris Putnam thoroughly examines in the upcoming book On The Path Of The Immortals as “fiery seraphim” (Hebrew:  saraph, “fiery serpent,” also corresponding with many other testaments around the ancient world, including Sanskrit sarpa, sarpin—“reptile”—whether with legs like the lizard or legless like the snake).


Utah Landscape, Image –

Another case in point is when I told him what we had learned from the Apache (guide) about cannibalistic giants and God destroying them in the Flood. “Oh, yes,” he said, … “There was a time when the earth was infested with such great giants and alien gods that destroyed and ate the people,” he said. “Some of them were in human form; others were monsters and [human-animal hybrids].” He followed this with the story of the White Shell Woman, who gave birth to two of the most important characters in Navajo mythology—the twin, miracle-performing sons named Naayéé’ Neizghání (whose name means “Slayer of Alien Gods”) and his twin brother, Tobadzischini. Together, these two great warriors killed many of the giants, hybrids, and monsters that were wantonly destroying human life. …

The storyteller then paused and said, “You know, when the Christian missionaries first came to America and told our people their stories of the giants and the Great Flood, we smiled and let them know we had already heard these tales long ago from our ancestors.” …


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