The Disney Dream

To most of us Disney Studios represents the mythos behind the American Dream. I mean it represents a land where all is luminous, and mysterious, and wonderful, and where the ending is always a happy one.

But the reality is quite different.

I first learned of this while reading Thanks for the Memories, but today I want to present this excellent re-post by Stillness in the Storm of an article by Moe, The Gnostic Warrior. It identifies the actual philosophical/mythic root that inspired the imagination of the founder, Walt Disney. This is the philosophy around which the players who provided the seed-capital and business connections gathered in the founding of Disney Studios. This philosophy is still carried forward through the Disney franchises today.

The American Dream? Many are spell-bound by the alluring and dazzling fantasy woven by the Disney franchises and others. Many unwittingly feed their children to it. Can you get your fingers around the edge of this facade and rip open enough of an opening to see what is behind it?

I will quote Moe, of the Gnostic Warrior, in his 3/29/15 post, Walt Disney: The Gnostic Masonic Rosicrucian.

Moe says, “Not many people are aware that the founder of DisneylandWalt Disney was a member of the secret occult group dedicated to Gnosis and Alchemy known as the “Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, AKA the Rosicrucians (AMORC).” He was said to have completed all the teachings of the order.” Actually, that is a mouthful, since if I am not mistaken the Rosicrucian “teachings” of  are actually training in mystical practices, or arts. To complete all the teachings is to become a full-blown wizard or magi.

“Many of these occult myths and dramas are played out in Disney films … even the modern masterpieces such as Brave, Frozen and Maleficent.” So if the current productions still play out the gnostic/occultic themes then Disney the organization has not left its roots but continues to broadcast the same spell that the original group did. I say spell (besides the fact that wizards are all about the casting of spells to project their power) because these stories are not billed as education or teaching about gnosticism but they weave its themes into productions that are then passed off as entertainment. The “teachings” pass directly into the receptive subconscious mind of the entertained. Given that the Disney business grows out of and is embedded in the gnostic/occultic power structure, I conclude that this is not innocent happenstance. It is an intentional use of subliminal programming to subvert the mind.

He says that Disney, as Rosicrucian, focuses more on the mental, philosophical, or spiritual side of things; but that it runs parallel to the (inner core of) Masonry, which focuses more on secular power.

“Like the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons are the secret keepers of Gnosticism and Alchemy. The Masons would primarily be the branch dedicated to materiality in which the order attracts those Brethren who seek to network, and move to the top ranks of society. While the Rosicrucians attract the more spiritualistic type people whose main goals are advancing their spirituality.

Moe continues that, “Some people say Disney was not a Freemason, but he was a member of the Masonic Order of DeMolay. An international organization headed by the Freemasons for young men ages 12 to 21. The Order of DeMolay derives its name from Jacques DeMolay (c.1243–18 March 1314), the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar.” He believes that Walt Disney the adult continued as a Mason, rising to the 33d degree, but that he kept this secret as many such men do who live and work in the public eye.

The Secret History of the Brotherhood Disney Demolay

Moe is not against all this. Rejecting the label of Satanist that is apparently put on Disney by some, he says, “He was just a member of a secret brotherhood that uses the occult to reveal many of the secrets of the universe to the profane by actually revealing this secret knowledge to them in cartoons and cinema.” Not so fast. Satanist or not, as I said above, the Disney method does not reveal secrets to anyone, but rather it secretly embeds codes into the minds of the unsuspecting viewer. Thus, the gnostic orders are providing themselves handles that they can use to manipulate the public. Putting this another way, they are tuning the mind and soul of the public to the powers that they themselves call upon to exert their will over the affairs of men. This is all about the projection of power – spiritual as well as material.

Moe raises the significant point that, “Walt Disney was the descendant of English royalty … from the Norman bloodline of William the Conqueror.” What? Wait! Now this projection of power is coming from a royal family embedded in the world elite? Yes. You mean these rulers of business, finance, and politics use secret societies and even ritual magic to ensure that their elite and privileged status in the world is maintained in perpetuity? It apparently works and has ever been this way, says Moe.

“The facts are that over the course of the history of the United States, most of the top businessmen and politicians were secret Gnostics, Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Magi. Initiates into the secret brotherhood that governs the world by magic working closely with big business, government, and religion.

These are the four pillars that govern our modern society. You simply will not reach the pinnacle heights of business and society if you are not a member of the highest degrees in these secret societies. In fact, the founder of the USA branch and the first Imperator of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), from 1915 until 1939, Harvey Spencer Lewis was known as a “special friend of Big Business.”

Well said, Moe! For a little evidence of this, visit my post, New Age New World, about the gnostic roots of U.S. foreign policy. Or visit the court of Queen Elizabeth I and the birth of the British Empire by reading my post, Gandalf: Dee and the New Jerusalem.

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