BP Horizon Aftermath

Nearly Five Years After the BP Spill, Animals Are Still Dying in the Gulf of Mexico

By Matt Smith
March 31, 2015

Nearly five years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster …

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) says dolphins are still dying in abnormally high numbers off the coast of Louisiana, the recovery of an endangered sea turtle has stalled, and deep-sea corals are showing signs of damage from oil exposure. In a new, 29-page report, the wildlife advocates look at how 20 species have fared since the blowout and say many more were likely hurt.

“Given the significant quantity of oil remaining on the floor of the Gulf and the unprecedented large-scale use of dispersants during the spill, it will be years or even decades before the full impact of the Deepwater Horizon disaster is known,” the NWF says. …

BP issued its own 5-year report in mid-March that found no “significant long-term impact” to any Gulf species. BP public-relations chief Geoff Morrell called the NWF report “a work of political advocacy” that “conveniently overlooks” government and independent studies of the spill’s legacy.


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