Psychotropic Meds = Death

“Unbiased” patient advocacy groups push psychotropic drugs… Gee, I wonder why?

The video should start at about 57 minutes. If not, start it at 56 minutes and give it 5 minutes or so. See what you think.

Unbelievable, but true. Mind altering (#psychotropic) #prescription #medications are a total hoax supported by hack-science and perpetrated by a bunch of paid #shills called #psychiatrists, who work not for you but for #BigPharma. Yes, you pay top dollar, but their real money comes from the big #pharmaceutical #corporations. Want to see a #shrink? Over 90% walk out with prescriptions to highly #addictive substances that marginally or do not help their mental state in the first place, and in the second cause serious damage and degradation over time.

This is a plague.

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