California Dust Bowl

The drought is on par with the Dust Bowl, and low snow accumulation is spreading across to the east of the Rockies..

Dust Bowl 2.0: California’s Historic Drought About To Get Even Worse As “Snowpack Melts Early Across The West”

“It is about to get even worse. According to the USDA, the west-wide snowpack is melting earlier than usual …


In Western states where snowmelt accounts for the majority of seasonal water supply, information about snowpack serves as an indicator of future water availability. Streamflow in the West consists largely of accumulated mountain snow that melts and flows into streams …

In addition to California, now, “Precipitation during March was well below normal throughout almost the entire West …

“Streamflow forecasts are moderately to extremely below normal for most of the West …

Meanwhile in California, “Snowpack is at record low levels, which is relied upon as the primary source of the summer water supply. With very little snowmelt runoff, the current reservoir contents will essentially be the amount available for use this summer. The major storage reservoirs for California are at roughly 50% of capacity with very little opportunity to increase.”



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