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Roger Morneau – A Trip Into the Supernatural – Demon Worship – Documentary

Published on Jul 21, 2012

An interview with Roger Morneau who tells the story of how God rescued him from the world of luciferianism and demon worship. A very interesting documentary about spiritualism and the occult and how the Most High got this man out of it. Listen to this interview/testimony. Satanism, Devil worship and the occult were all part of the religion. Documentary

This is Part I

Notes by icliks:

Before I start, I should say that I have been told this man and the interviewers are Seventh Day Adventists. That makes sense out of some of the things he says, but to me it puts in doubt that he has really been brought out of the spiritual bondage he was in. I don’t doubt that he believes what he says is true. I don’t doubt that these things really happen and really happened to him. My only doubt is whether he truly got out. My opinion at this point is that he is ensnared in a false escape pod.

Roger Morneau came out of the navy after wwii, and moved to Montreal. There, he was offered to speak to the spirit of his dead mother. For this he visited a seance held in a gorgeous home in Montreal with about 20 people present. With the medium present, the spirits could speak audibly directly to the people not needing to use the medium’s voice. At one point “the dead sister” of one of the participants arrived through a wall of the room, visibly in a ghostly form as well as audibly. He was impressed and got involved.

After awhile he was invited into a secret society that didn’t just commune with the spirits as seances but worshiped them. He was invited by the higher ups in the spirit world, through the person of George, a successful famous band leader who had become famous “not by luck”.

George explained that the “spirits of the dead” at seances were actually fallen angels. The band leader had been told by “the master”, Satan, to induct Morneau and his friend.

George invited Morneau and his friend to a “service” praising the spirits. This was in a beautiful mansion. The worshipers were all very well dressed, well mannered, and typically professionals and business people. They held a praise session to the gods.

They sang hymns from Christian church hymnals; but they sang to their gods, and many of the words were changed. It is a form of blasphemy. It is the same thing when rock stars, etc., wear Christian symbols.

The high priest spoke with Morneau and his friend after the service, and took them to a shrine where there were paintings of 100 or so spirits, Lucifer among them. They were gorgeous beings, and Lucifer looked particularly handsome, intelligent, and uniquely powerful. The shrine was magnificently expensive. Morneau could see that these people had considerable power, and it was made clear that no one entered the society unless invited by the spirits and that there was no going back.

The praise sessions included many success stories declaring what had been done for the worshipers. One clairvoyant business broker could hear his guiding spirit tell him what deals would be good for his clients and so forth. He served only the very rich, worked only on a profit percentage basis, and was making a lot of money.

Soon the priest told Morneau to start trusting the spirits and ask for a gift. He asked for and received the gift of foreknowledge of horse races. The priest demonstrated to Morneau could come if he were initiated. Morneau was shown a room of spirit operated typewriters that were typing court briefs for a lawyer. He made a lot of money selling these briefs to other lawyers.

Controversy between Christ and Satan

The Satanists believe that Christ will not return to this planet but will abdicate all claims to the planet. They say the “bible people” say Luciferians will burn in the lake of fire, but that’s not true and the conflict will end peacefully. They believe Lucifer will resurrect all of  his people and rule them in bliss.

The society has a resort in the mountains north of Montreal, and Montreau saw three services there: Satan’s Great General Council of the 1700s, Christian Idolatry, and The Super Deception of a Glorious New Age (this was 1946!).

Satan’s Great General Council of the 1700s

The Great General Council was held by Satan and his primary counselors to prepare for the industrial age. They foresaw an age to follow it of scientific discovery and that this would usher in the end times. Lucifer had been studying the bible and saw that Daniel 12:4 referred to this increase of scientific knowledge as part of the end times. Satan and his angels devised ways to trick people into disqualifying themselves from entering Christ’s kingdom. The council closed with three policies in view:

1) Humans would be made to believe that Satan and his angels do not exist.

2) Find a way to get total control of people’s minds by taking hypnotism out of the realm of the occult and into the realm of science as a boon for mankind. This way subjects could be hypnotized and give false information that everybody would believe. This would de-Christianize the western world through mysticism. Franz Mesmer was chosen by Satan to spearhead this. By his death hypnotism (mesmerism) was being used by physicians in Europe. Darwin and Huxley would be used by the spirits to lead humanity into the new beliefs.

3) Destroy the bible without burning it. To do this the council decided Satan would tutor Darwin personally in devising his theories of evolution. Evolution would destroy the concepts of creation and redemption. According to the spirits anyone who teaches evolution is considered a minister of a religion – their religion – and so is blessed by them.

The priest said the Great Controversy is like politics, and deception is just a means to beating Christ at the polls. Morneau found this and many other aspects of what he was seeing to be disturbing. His parent had raised him as a Christian and taught that if he perpetrated evil he would eventually pay for it.

I’m at 51 minutes.

If you are finding all this hard to believe, then you surely won’t believe this: The Dark Side of the World

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