Greek End-Game

To me, in principle the banksters debt end-game is, “Oh, you can’t pay me? Too bad, so sad. Give me all your stuff that you worked all your life to build up using the money that I loaned you!” So is the following news part of some sort of German end-game against Greece?

“Foreign corporations from countries including Germany, China and Russia are lining up to buy Greek state assets as the country struggles to pay its European creditors. The sell-off includes major parts of Greece’s infrastructure such as airports, ports, motorways and utilities (and) a host of real estate … .” (German, Russian and Chinese companies race to buy up Greek infrastructure by 5/20/15)

The Greek people will be permanently impoverished while Germany, China, and Russia buy up all their income-earning assets for pennies. And consider who are those buyers again? Is Germany leaving the eurozone and going to “the other side”? Is Germany leaving the “western alliance” and going to the other side? Germany, the powerhouse of Europe, joins the Russian, Chinese trading block. Actually this is confirmed by ZeroHedge in its article, “New Silk Road” Could Change Global Economics Forever, Part 1:

China is building the world’s greatest economic development and construction project ever undertaken: The New Silk Road. The project aims at no less than a revolutionary change in the economic map of the world. … The ambitious vision is to resurrect the ancient Silk Road as a modern transit, trade, and economic corridor that runs from Shanghai to Berlin. The ‘Road’ will traverse China, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany, extending more than 8,000 miles, creating an economic zone … .

Well, I suppose Greece will be the southern terminus (and playground) for this behemoth.

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