Nephelim – Genetic Manipulation?

I believe that the bible is accurate as far as it goes on the subject of genetic manipulation of the ancient human genome, and so it should be given adequate weight in any investigation into these ancient events. It is focused on salvation, so it can be very sparse at times on the subjects of history and of scientific/magical technologies. But what little it does say should be taken into account.

I think a straightforward reading of Genesis 6:4 indicates that the #giants were born of a sexual union between the #angels and human women – not through in vitro lab work. I think that the angels employed and taught certain humans ( #Aryans … ) the techniques required to facilitate their union with them and subsequent rule over and enslavement of the overall human race. I think that the techniques taught and used are based on metaphysical principles. The #bible has more to say on what happened in #Genesis 6:4 in the New Testament book of #Jude . Here is a brief explanation of that reference:

#anunnaki #enki #nephelim #metaphysics #esotericism

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