Day 666

Yes, June 6 could be construed as day 666: 6/6/15 (1+5=6). So is this anti-auspicious, then? If it is, this will amount to something:

At 2:45am on Saturday morning, the Houthi militias and ousted [president] Ali Abdullah Saleh launched a Scud missile in the direction of Khamees al-Mushait, and praise be to God, the Royal Saudi air defences blocked it with a Patriot missile,” a statement said.

Khamis Mushait is home to the US-desiged and constructed King Khalid Air Force base, from which airstrikes on Houthi positions have been launched throughout the conflict. …

(In Major Escalation, Yemen Rebels Fire Scud Missile Into Saudi Arabia,06/06/2015)


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