Greece Standing Strong

Greece Standing Strong On The Shoulders Of Russia & China, Plus The Road To $19,000 Gold

… Stephen Leeb:  “The Chinese want to back their currency, which will become a reserve currency, with gold.  That will change the world’s monetary system. …

Turning to Greece … someone from Greece called the IMF a ‘criminal organization.’  …  These are the words of a country that really thinks it has a lot of leverage. …

Well, Greece does have a lot of leverage because they are looking to the East to China and Russia, both of whom have been making overtures to Greece.  China already owns 1/3 of a Greek port and they want to buy a full 100 percent stake in that key port.  The Chinese will then send trains through Greece, up to Budapest and to Germany.

And Russia has already offered Greece a spot with the BRICS Bank.  Russia has also said they will build a gas pipeline through Greece, which will go to the rest of Europe. …

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