The Other World

(From the perspective of the United States, the world economic and financial system really means the Western World or alliance which subsists under the power of the New World Order crowd led by the likes of the Rothschilds, the Theosophists, and the Rosicrucans.

But there is another world: The Eastern World. No doubt it represents the eastern branches or equivalents of the Rothschilds, Theosophists, and Rosicrucians. Iit is now being allowed to rise, and its exoskeleton is described below. The Eurasian “island” is being unified through the means of infrastructure development, industrial development, banking, and trade. It is intended to emerge as a viable alternative to dependence on the Western systems.)

Tomgram: Pepe Escobar, The Pivot to Eurasia

Pepe Escobar, July 23, 2015

… BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), the EEU (Eurasian Economic Union), the AIIB (the new Chinese-founded Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), and the NDB (the BRICS’ New Development Bank) — whose acronyms you’re unlikely to recognize either.  Still, they represent an emerging new order in Eurasia.

Tehran, Beijing, Moscow, Islamabad, and New Delhi have been actively establishing interlocking security guarantees. They have been simultaneously calling the Atlanticist bluff when it comes to the endless drumbeat of attention given to the flimsy meme of Iran’s “nuclear weapons program.”  And a few days before the Vienna nuclear negotiations finally culminated in an agreement, all of this came together at a twin BRICS/SCO summit in Ufa, Russia (of July 8-10).

Putting all (the Eurasian) heads of state attending each of the meetings under one roof, Moscow offered a vision of an emerging, coordinated geopolitical structure anchored in Eurasian integration. Thus, the importance of Iran: no matter what happens post-Vienna, Iran will be a vital hub/node/crossroads in Eurasia for this new structure. …

Here are just a few examples of the dizzying activity that took place at Ufa …

(The power of Iran will rise on the back of this effort, and this will be the base on which Antichrist stands. Antichrist will be a Jihadist leader who will masquerade as a moderate and a bridge builder between the East and the West.

Astana to Berlin – Turkey in the Middle (2015)

Astana and the (Ley) Lines of Death (2013)

Eurasian Pipeline Sandwich – Turkey in the Middle (2009)

There, now you have some background. )

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