World Depression of 2015/2016

Hard Evidence: “We Are In A Full Blown Global Depression”

Mac Slavo
August 11th, 2015

For the last several months there have been warnings of a coming economic storm, with many forecasting serious financial calamity by the Fall of this year.

With stock markets in China having self destructed, Greece and Europe in another crisis, and corporate earnings for some of the world’s biggest corporations showing lackluster performance, it should be clear that the situation is rapidly deteriorating. …

The U.S. economy is driven by one thing: consumer spending, much of it based on credit. As the chart above shows, spending has collapsed. …

It actually gets worse. Recent earnings from the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment suggests it’s actually a whole lot worse than just another short-term dip. …” there has now been an unprecedented 31 consecutive months of CAT retail sales declines. This compares to “only” 19 during the near systemic collapse in 2008.” …


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