The Lunar Tetrad of 2014/2015

Don Koenig says,

Blood moons can only occur at a time of a full moon when the moon is on the opposite side of the sun. The Jewish calendar is lunar, therefore, blood moons are going to occur around the 15th of a Jewish month because that is when the moon is full on the Jewish calendar.

When blood moons (eclipses) occur in the two equinox months of the year they also must occur on Passover and Sukkot because these two holidays are held on the full moon of the spring and fall equinox month. Therefore, on average, one in six blood moons will occur on either Passover or Sukkot, so it is not a rare event. It also is not unusual to have no blood moons for a few years followed by four blood moon in a two-year period. If you’re interested in why these variances happen read the link below.

This link will give many details about blood moons. And this link will give you even more information why this sequence is not all that significant.  Thirty-seven times in just the 20th century these blood moons occurred on the full moon associated with Passover or Sukkot, so it is not as rare an occurrence as Biltz and Hagee make it out to be. And since blood moons are not rare, it is easy to backdate and find something significant that happened to the Jews around the time of a four sequential moon eclipses that could be viewed from somewhere on earth during Passover and Sukkot. Heck, I know people who can find something significant related to Israel every time we have a major storm in the U.S.

(Blood moon of Joel and Revelation not about eclipses of 2014 2015)


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