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Bank Of Japan Buying Power Runs Dry: “If They Don’t Increase Now, It’s Going To Be A Shock!”

Tyler Durden on 09/11/2015

Since 2010, The Bank of Japan has ‘openly’ – no conspiracy theory here – been a buyer of Japanese stock ETFs. Their bravado increased as the years passed (increasing) holdings to over 1.5% of the entire market cap, surpassing Nippon Life as the largest individual holder of Japanese stocks.

Having stepped in a stunning 76% of days to ensure the market closed green, it appears, as Bloomberg reports, time (or money) is running out …

As Bloomberg reports,

On Sept. 8, as the stock market slumped, investors were surprised to find the Bank of Japan, normally a buyer of exchange-traded funds on the Tokyo bourse, absent.

What happened? The central bank, which is authorized to purchase about 3 trillion yen ($25 billion) in equity ETFs a year, is running out of ammunition, having spent 78 percent of its total as of Sept. 7. … As the Topix recorded its worst monthly loss since 2012, the central bank purchased 302 billion yen in ETFs. Without that, the rout would have been much worse, according to Arai. …

“The BOJ had a big role in supporting the market,” he said. “If they don’t increase purchases now, it’s going to be a shock.”




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