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Russia in Syria…. Putin didn’t blink

30 September 2015

… Watch this video. Putin is speaking to American reporters after the UN summit- yet not a single American news agency aired or even reported on this conference. (Think about that a little bit before you go on. Putin speaks to the assembled American news media following a UN summit, and they don’t report on it!? ! ? ??? What!!?? I am tempted to make this the only point in this post. But I won’t.) Putin is giving NOTICE. The US is being given NOTICE. In Syria you have Russia, Iran, Iraq and now China landing troops and working together to wipe out ISIS…. which, as Putin states: was CREATED BY THE US. ARMED BY THE US. and PAID BY THE US. …

(And then today …) The upper chamber of the Russian parliament has unanimously given a formal consent to President Putin to use the nation’s military in Syria to fight terrorism at a request from the Syrian President Bashar Assad….



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