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The day of the stock market crash of the great depression was a triple eleven day, at least according to On This Day.

The date was 10/29, 1929. In numerology we just look at the digits. It’s not normal math. So first, I’ll do some re-arranging of the digits.

10291929 = 10192929, i.e., having the same digits. Now we conflate things a little:

1+0+1+9 =11
2+9 = 11
2+9 = 11

We have a triple eleven day (which also totals to 33, a master number for the Masons). How likely is that? Not likely. Is it significant that we have a major disaster of the magnitude of, say, the Twin Towers attack on a day that is, in numerology a triple 11 day?

Yes it is. The Twin Towers attack was in its own way an 11 day. Of course that day was 11, but also the month plus the day was (9+1+1) also 11. Are you getting a whiff of smoke yet?

Still doubting? Check these out:

9/11 was followed by more tragedies.

The Madrid train bombing was known in Spain as 11-M. It occurred on 3/11/2004 (the day is 11, but the whole date also adds to 11).

The Boston Marathon bombing of 4/15/2013 may seem like an insignificant date, but it occurred at 666 Boylston Street 33 Days after the election of Pope Francis. So we have more, uh, synchronicity.

The London Subway bombing was on 7/7/2005 (777); so it’s not just 11s that our perps find auspicious for their sacrifices, but doubles, triples … and palindromes:

The so-called Pope Francis was elected on 3/13/13, and installed on 3/31/13.

The Hebdo Murders in France…

The London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony Celebrated the Aurora Movie Theater Massacre.

Is this enough to give you an inkling that there is a worldwide conspiracy and they are occultists? They are also high in international finance. JP Morgan, Molech, and You

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