After 11 11 11

11 11 11? What? See my previous post.

So given the illuminist madness regarding numbers and dates, what wild speculation can be made? Ah, I’m so glad you asked.

The last blood moon of the now completed tetrad of lunar eclipses (on Jewish feast-days), during the so-called shemita year of 2015, occurred on 9/28/15. Naturally, the world did not end. The financial world didn’t even end, although it still appears increasingly likely to.

The market downturn that commenced around September 16th and ended around the 28th coincided with the largest Fed reverse-repo operation ever recorded. Hmmm. Presumably this was to provide collateral to desperate and significant Lehman-class players needing to balance their (failing) books for the quarter end.

Then I was reading someone’s opinion that the market will crash on 10/23/15 due to this same issue repeating for the year-end. Recalling that the the 666 Boylston Street bombing occurred 33 days following the election of the anti-Pope Francis (see my previous post), I wondered whether this date is 33 after the 9/28/15 eclipse?

Well it’s not as it turns out. October 31st follows 33 days after the eclipse.

I don’t know whether it is significant but 10/31/15 does “add” to 11 in numerology. We have an 11 day 33 days following the last lunar eclipse in the tetrad. If that is not enough, it’s Halloween, the Satanists’ highest unholy day. They take it seriously even if most in the public do not. The 31st is a Saturday, so the markets will be closed, but when the “authorities” need to do something that will really spook (heh) the markets, they like to do that on a weekend.

So there you have it. If you came here starved for wild-eyed speculation, you should be satisfied. Beware the end of October!


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