CERN – Chaos Generator


Antimatter the Primordial Force

CERN is attempting to harvest the glue that holds the universe together … not in the cured state found in nature where it has done or is doing its work, but in its initial fluid state. The CERN collider allows the analysis of these fundamental particles in their native, fluid, state.

Sounds pretty cool, eh? Listen to this explanation from a scientist who has worked with it:

My notes from the video

Volatility and Containment

Antimatter, or dark matter, has been produced since 1955, but in miniscule quantities. It is the opposite of matter. We can harvest it and hold it in containers, but it can’t yet be used in any controlled way. It is explosively volatile and requires large facilities to contain even a tiny bit of it. Even a gram of antimatter would be as reactive as several megaton nuclear devices.

Photons contain or carry electromagnetic force; and gluons contain or transmit strong force. Through our electronics science we can control the flow of photons. Through super-colliders it is hoped to get control of antimatter.

Antimatter and the Paranormal

A group starting in the 1800s has studied paranormal activity and how it transmits through a dimensional slip to our world from wherever it normally resides. CERN has yielded a true definition of paranormal activity that builds on earlier research into the paranormal. They found that paramormal activity absorbs antimatter. This means there is a physical effect upon the spiritual world through antimatter; and often demonic entities and other paranormal energies are attracted to it.  The new CERN collider will allow production and storage of pounds of the stuff, thus attracting or magnifying paranormal activity on our side of the gate.

Antimatter Signature

Antimatter is pulled out of nowhere and has an energy signature in our world that reflects its unseen aspects. The energy signature emanates as a signal that resonates with living things and its presence changes the energy of the life form. The presence of the antimatter signal affects the human psyche. Humans have good and bad energy: that from this realm and that from the antimatter realm. The researchers have discovered that paranormal activity exists because every person is connected to that other realm all the time. How a person thinks and feels will determine which energy they draw from: Faith or anti-faith. Anti-faith energy can be drawn from the other realm by human intent. The scientists are aware of this and are experimenting with human intent and the presence of antimatter. The energy signature of dark matter when present in this realm serves as a magnet that draws entities from the other realm where it came from. Even when it is contained here, it is still connected to where it came from, like it is part of an ocean on the other side and never disconnects from that body even while it is housed or is active on this side. This is why when it is on this side it increases paranormal activity.

Man the Gatekeeper

Once dark matter was housed at a college, but it had to be moved because people began to have vivid and nightmarish dreams and do violent things. That is because it is a chaotic piece of matter. This is the explosive nature of antimatter when it is present in the realm of human society.

The hole, portal, or gateway, where the leakage occurs between the antimatter realm and the realm of matter is within people, based on emotions and the will. The human will can attach to the signature of the dark potential that is within the psyche. In cases where extreme habits have formed this can lead to demon possession: through a portal that has developed within the person. The scientists have quantified and calculated these things. They are working on harnessing this power (experimentation with multiple personality disorder mind control comes to mind).

Dark matter causes other pieces of dark matter that have already been harvested and contained to react. And they don’t have to be close together. If you lose containment in one place you will lose it in the other place. Once the researchers think they can channel its energies they will feel free to release it when and where they please as a weapon. CERN and the other similar colliders are all connected by the internet. In fact the original world wide web was created for the purpose of collaborating on their research, and this consortium remains the single largest user of internet bandwidth in the world. Don’t you suppose they are experimenting with sending the antimatter signal out over the web and targeting and managing its effects?

CERN looking Forward

Once fully powered up, the CERN collider will spend 6 months colliding protons in order to analyze particles so that antimatter becomes better understood and can be handled better. They now have the ability to gather it efficiently and will do so as soon as they dare. In springtime, at the equinox, the forces on the earth change. Then they will be able to get better results.

CERN will produce a lot of dark matter and increase its signature in the world. This is going to activate the dark side of people. It will be radically destabilizing to individuals and to society as the dark side of human nature is magnified. This has happened before. It is quantifiable. And it is known this will happen, and the phenomenon is being weaponized.

Expect chaos. The speaker has experienced these things directly in experiments. He found he had to focus on the love of God through Jesus Christ in order to remain calm while all the latent evil forces within him suddenly rose up. It was extremely difficult.

Lucifer is used by God to provide a balance of moral choice between good and evil. Normally the dark side is held back from breaking through and overwhelming our wold, but the scientists want to take down the wall of separation holding it back. China is building a particle accelerator. About 14 of these exist. CERN is a joint effort between the nations working with this. When CERN runs its collider, other units will be run concurrently, and the other realm will spill over.

Prepare yourself spiritually, because a dark night is coming.

… and some background on the CERN project.

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