Paris, ISIS, and WWIII

From what I have read, the Friday the 13th Paris attack was perpetrated by the same forces that were behind Jaques De Molay of the Knights Templar who was burned at the stake on a Friday the 13th in March of 1314.

The attacks, timed as they were, make a statement by those forces that, while their head was cut off then, they are back and in position to exert their power now. They seem to be at the helm of the western powers; and with the Paris attacks, they are moving things rapidly forward.

This theory would mean that the Paris attack is an inside job: a so-called false-flag event wherein an enemy covertly financed, trained, and controlled by the “government” attacks that “government” providing the excuse for a pre-determined public policy response.

That response was immediately expressed by the government of France when it proceeded domestically to lock down freedoms and externally to bomb Raqqa, the “capitol” of ISIS.

More important than the actual bombing, is the legal precedent that was set, as Hollande declared before a joint session of the French Parliament, “The acts committed on Friday night in Paris and at the Stade are acts of war … This constitutes an attack against our country (but not France alone),” and against democracy. How literally do we want to take this? France is a member of NATO. An act of war against France is an act of war against the NATO alliance.

During the speech, the president confirmed the plot was hatched in Syria, so when Hollande says that the West has been attacked, and he declares war and sends jets to bomb Raqqa, he knows that he is waging war on behalf of the NATO, Israel, Saudi alliance against the ISIS, Syrian, Russian, Iranian alliance. He is continuing the cause of “making the world safe for Democracy.”

What? The words alliance, Israel and Saudi in the same breath? Yes. This is part of the power behind Jaques De Molay that I mentioned at first and it explains why the Jihadists seem to have support at the highest levels within the countries they are infiltrating and attacking. For example, read Weiner, Hillary, and Huma.


William Engdahl on the Geopolitics of Jihad


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