CERN and Sumer

In ancient times, Sumerian gods were depicted in a similar pose to the human figure at the center of the montage below – two of them – one standing on each side of what I assume is either the #Tree of Life or the Tree of the #Knowledge of Good and Evil. They each held what looks like a large #pineal gland pointing at the tree. This seems to me to be one of the power objects referred to in the Sumerian gods like above. I’m wondering whether the “purses” they held in the other hand was a sort of bucket containing fluids to keep the gland-like object fresh, charged, or active, while being carried and would be another of the power objects.


There is a contemporary MILAB program focused on developing, harnessing, and weaponizing the pineal gland.

#CERN has a portal/antimatter program which also focuses on psycho-spiritual weaponizing. What it is likely to do is bring the creatures that ruled the world at the very beginning back to power in the earth again.

Yup. It’s a deep rabbit hole.

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