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Controversial. And check out Still Report #476 as a follow-up. Read through the comments on these videos.

Everybody’s all up in arms over whether UPS has been secretly flying refugees into the United States or not. Check out the follow-up Still Report #476. The story does hearken back to other cases of disappearing commercial aircraft (e.g., Flight MH-370) and so reminds us that some sort of “covert airlines” industry does exist. It points up the fact that the government could be bringing in whoever they want whenever they want, and so probably is … by whatever means.

So in a way it doesn’t matter whether UPS did this or that. It is obvious on the whole that our federal government wants illegal and/or muslim immigrants coming here and is ensuring that they get here. Just for one example, as is said in the video, 100,000 green cards per year are being issued to new Muslim arrivals. How well do you suppose they are vetted? Any chance for someone looking the other way here while some undesirables get in?

The story is also reminiscent of the flap surrounding the Wal-Mart closings during the summer of 2015. Quoting from the link, “China has some kind of free-trade zone status centered on certain airports around the country and J.B. Hunt, Wal-Mart, and the underground transport system are all part of this system.”

Whatever parts of this you may think are true or not true, there is an extensive hidden world and it hides because it does not serve the interests of the public. There are too many links about that in this blog for me to be able to provide them specifically. If you are interested, use the “Search the Blog” tool for the topics of your choice. But one post in particular that I should point out is The Medieval Roots of Jihad.

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