Here we Go!

It’s no longer Buy the Dip! It’s Sell the Rally!

Here is from Larry Edelson, at Safe Money:

This December … behind closed doors in Washington, D.C. … an event took place that will change everything in your life (decision to start raising rates). … It virtually guarantees the longest series of “Bloody Wednesday” crises on record … with the next looming on March 16, 2016!

On Wednesday, March 16, the Fed could make it’s next move in the cycle of soaring interest rates … the process when interest rates suddenly begin to RISE. And the Fed just set the process in motion by deciding to hike rates at its meeting in December.

Fed insiders know the truth: Investors are throwing caution to the wind and creating the biggest speculative bubbles of all time. And all of the numbers show that 2016 is when this will start blowing up in their faces. They MUST stop printing money and start raising interest rates — and the sooner the better.

The first victims will be bond investors. Next, rising rates will hammer the real estate markets, slashing demand and home values across the board. … The next victims will be millions of companies from coast to coast who will get hit hard as their cost of borrowing money explodes higher. … Consumers will likely recoil in horror as credit card, revolving charge and auto loan rates skyrocket. Blood will run knee-deep on Wall Street as panicky investors rush for the exits.

In a desperate attempt to stem losses, major companies will lay off millions of employees. Unemployment will explode. … Rising interest rates will ultimately add more than $1.5 trillion to the national debt. … This, plus crashing bond prices will kill global demand for U.S. Treasuries. The federal government will have no choice but to make major spending cuts. …

from Larry Edelson
Money and Markets


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