Bombshell: Three Percenter Says Eyewitness Provided Affidavit Claiming He Saw BLM Light Fire at Hammond Ranch in Oregon

… there is an eyewitness who claims to have seen a member of the Bureau of Land Management light the fire that the Hammonds responded to with their own backfire to preserve property

“That witness came forward to us and actually gave us an audio affidavit and told us his account,” added Curtiss. “The prosecuting attorney actually interviewed him before… never recalled him to come back and never disclosed that to the defense.”

That is a serious charge …

We have already documented that the BLM has been caught on film burning property and cattle and setting fires within 100 feet of property. This is indisputable evidence. …

We also know the BLM destroyed many heads of cattle at the Bundy Ranch in 2015 and tried to cover it up in mass graves. …

Additionally, as we have pointed out, the land that the Hammonds Ranch sits on is quite valuable and the BLM is first in line to obtain it if the Hammonds are unable to continue to make their living off that land. …

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And an opposing opinion from the Salt Lake Tribune points out, among other things, questionable affiliations of Utah Rep. Ken Ivory, of the American Lands Council: Rolly: Ammon Bundy’s handiwork behind anti-BLM fire video

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