Talran and Kormud

Evil twins. The Talmud and the Koran are so similar that I can see the same hand writing both. The world thinks that the Jews and the Muslims are sworn enemies, but the historic moment will come when they sign a mutual peace agreement in Jerusalem.

The problem of the Talmud (video): What World-Famous Men say about the Jews

If you listened to a good portion of the above video, now you know the what and why of the  worldwide financial crisis currently developing. Anti-semitism? No. For one thing, apparently 90% of the people we call Jews today are not Semitic at all, but Khazar. But the main thing is that if a group of people have developed an organized criminal system, it is not racist to say it. It is not racist to oppose it. It is not racist to pray they repent of their sins and be saved by the true God – a God by the way that does not promote the despicable philosophy found in the Talmud and the Koran. Semite, Muslim (not even a race), Greenie-Meanie. I don’t care what race or culture it is or not a culture. If a criminal system is operating, and it is, then I’m calling it out. All this race-baiting going on is just a weapon to shut down the opposition. Become informed. Take a stand.

Origin of Jihad: Wahhabism and the West

Signing the Peace: The Final Exodus

The Antichrist: Bismillah, the Mark of the Koran, and the Chi Xi Stigma of Revelation


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