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Breaking! LaVoy Finicum Shooting Video Released!

The video has been released in the shooting of LaVoy Finicum. (If you are not familiar with this, click here.)  The angle is a helicopter shot and shows Finicum driving his truck into a snow embankment (to avoid ramming into the FBI/OSP roadblock). …You can clearly see the snipers in the trees as … relayed by Victoria Sharp.  … The full video shows Finicum driving from the first stop.  One wonders if he was shot at, as Victoria Sharp claims. … Without sound, it is impossible to determine when shots were fired … (Well, other than at the second stop when he was shot in the back. That is pretty obvious.).

(Then as for when he was out of the vehicle,) he was not charging the officers as Mark McConnell claimed nor was he handcuffed, so his story is bogus.  … He also was not down on his knees with his hands behind his head as relayed by the wife of Ammon Bundy.
However, he clearly had his hands in the air when he exited the vehicle.

You will notice that at several points he does drop his hands.  Because there is no sound, it is difficult to tell if he was responding to being shot or whether he was reaching for a sidearm. …

Additionally, one should note that there was no attempt made by the officers to provide any sort of medical assistance to Finicum. …

Has the video been altered? Why are sections blurred? (This does not look suspect to me.) Was this some sort of re-creation? Why is there only one woman exiting the truck? There were two inside. (After Finicum, three people got out of the back seat of the truck, one at a time, with hands high. One of them appears to be a woman. Then FBI/OSP approach the truck, and at about 45 minutes, 31 seconds ZULU time they open the front door. Then trees obscure the view. At 46 minutes, 09 seconds it looks to me that they may be carrying a motionless individual, with feet dragging on the ground, around the back corner of the truck. Then trees again. So I went back to the video to see if the passenger side front seat area of the truck had been shot at. Sure enough, at 33 minutes, 54 seconds some kind of impact blasts some snow off the window or windshield in that area.) …

Here is a link “to the full video.” I didn’t download it, so who knows what you will see?

The time stamp on the video is dated January 27, the day after Finicum was killed (but this) has been accounted for. The time setting on all military drones are for Greenwich Mean Time (ZULU), which is London UK time.


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