The Mole – Grover Norquist

Yes fans, Grover is not what he seems. The main thing he is really about is providing political access for American organizations of the Jihadist persuasion. Now, it is denied by both the left and the right that there is a real Jihadist threat in America, and the mere thought of it is branded racist, but check this out:

On February 11, 2014, ten influential national security practitioners– including former Congressman Allen West, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, former CIA Director Jim Woolsey, former Pentagon Inspector General Joseph Schmitz and others– sent a letter to American Conservative Union board member Cleta Mitchell, urging her and her colleagues to take action against Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan, two ACU members who have for years been running influence operations against conservatives on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist causes. … Agent of Influence – Grover Norquist and the Assault on the Right reproduces the letter to Mitchell and the accompanying Statements of Facts Mitchell ignored.

Both Norquist and Khan have had relationships with a bevy of individuals with strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood– including jailed al-Qaeda and Brotherhood member Abdurahman Alamoudi and onetime head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Sami al-Arian– that make their participation in the American Conservative Union anathema to the organization’s supposed vision. (Tree of Liberty Thread)

Norquist lobbied hard to get Khan a job as advisor for the George W. Bush administration.

As has reported, there was no figure more significant than Norquist when it came to bringing the George W. Bush White House and the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood front groups together both before and AFTER 9/11. (Norquist … Muslim Double Agent).

Then there’s this:

Conservative icon Michelle Malkin has written frequently of Norqust’s shady connections to jihadists. “If any Democrat activist had such shady connections, conservatives would be on him like white on rice. Instead, Norquist has gotten away with smearing his critics — most notably, former Reagan official Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, one of the most decent and patriotic Republicans I’ve had the honor of meeting — as hatemongers… The conservative movement cannot afford to be associated with race-card-playing apologists who refuse to cut their lucrative ties to terrorist sympathizers (Tree of Liberty Thread)

And as well, David Horowitz has described Norquist as an “Islamist Fifth Column.” So with all of the above, you can see that Gaffney is not a lone voice or just some loner nutcase with a personal grudge who is stalking Grover Norquist.

If you think that Norquists’ arguments or cries of foul play, and “stalker” carry water, then put on your thinking cap (to insulate your mind from the boogieman trigger programming we have all been subjected to) and watch the instructional video series by the arch-racist himself (according to Grover and others from within his far-flung organizational sphere of influence), Frank Gaffney. For your convenience, I provide the an overview of his series here below:

So who is Grover Norquist, really? According to Gary DeMar in Why Grover Norquist Hates Ted Cruz, “Norquist is an Establishment Republican insider.” That would mean he serves the interests of Wall Street, which means he serves the east coast establishment blue-blood ruling elite.

Rolling Stone says,  “Grover Norquist has never held elected office. He’s not a political appointee or a congressional staffer, and few voters know his name. Yet this anti-tax lobbyist wields immense power over the Republican Party … . Norquist cemented his influence by forging an early alliance with Karl Rove and setting himself up as a gatekeeper to George W. Bush’s inner circle. Then, after Obama was elected, this ultimate Washington insider positioned himself as a leader of the anti-establishment Tea Party, complete with financial support from the billionaire Koch brothers. … Over the past 25 years, Norquist has received funding from many of America’s wealthiest corporations, including Philip Morris, Pfizer and Micro­soft.”

He’s a Harvard man, so is he blue-blood himself? I don’t know, but I have learned he is brother-in-law to another Harvard graduate, Majed Tomed, who married Grover’s sister, Lorraine – yet another Harvard graduate. Tomed and his wife are pro-Palestinian activists. Tomed, together with Khaled Saffuri and Norquist co-founded the Islamic Free Market Institute in 1998 (created by Abdurahman Alamoudi, who besides founding the Boston Mosque attended by the Boston Marathon bombers is himself now serving time in federal prison for terrorism). But Grover’s family ties don’t stop there. For one thing, he himself married a Palestinian woman. And lest your boogieman programming trigger at this point, I have no problem with that unless it results in or reflects an anti-American sentiment.

“While it’s been widely reported that Grover Norquist married a Palestinian Muslim named Samah Alrayyes in 2004, what has gone unreported so far is the other family connections to Palestinian activism there,” Stranahan said. “On Samah’s side, both of Norquist’s wife’s sisters, Sahar and Sarah, live in Chicago and are Palestinian activists who have taken numerous trips to Gaza and the West Bank. These trips were connected with a group called the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. Sahar, a dentist, is also the treasurer of the Chicago chapter of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

The entire Norquist family comes together on a page showing pledges for a Chicago marathon run a couple years ago that Sahar and Sarah ran where they called themselves ‘Team Palestine.’ One of the pledges came from the Tomeh family and lists Majed, Loraine and their daughters. Other pledges came from Norquist’s parents, and someone listed as ‘Salwa Alrayyes and the Norquist family.’ Another indicator of the personal relationships involved here is that another person pledging to Sahar and Sarah’s ‘Team Palestine’ marathon run was Grover Norquist’s co-founder at the Islamic Institute, Khaled Saffuri.” (Grover Norquist and his Ties To Islam : Information Every NRA Member Needs To Know Part 1)

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund? Sounds lovey dovey. But as you know, or should know, such things are often used by Muslim organizations as cover for support of jihad. At the time of this marathon, the Palestinians were, under Arafat, at the center of Islam’s conflict with the West. And what is Saffuri’s nose doing in this camel tent? Saffuri is a known asset of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, which of course he denies – but he gives himself away by also saying that there is no such thing.

The Norquist enterprise is really much worse than palling around with his Palestinian sympathizer family (through his Palestinian wife). Not only did Norquist co-found the Islamic Institute with Saffuri (6 years before marrying Samah) but he has since insinuated Saffuri into the inner circles of the Republican establishment. His pro-Palestinian activism was apparently only part of his support of Jihadists everywhere. Watch the 10-part video series above and you will understand. The description of this side of his family is just the beginning of an attempt to understand why he is doing what he is doing.

You noticed Grover’s parents pledging for the Palestinians in the quote above? Who is this Norquist family? The parents are Carol (née Lutz) and Warren Elliott Norquist (a vice president of Polaroid Corporation). It looks like his ancestors migrated from Sweden to Chautauqua, New York in 1888 and ran a prestigious furniture company.

Whether or not or to what degree the Norquist family itself is blue-blood establishment, or for how many generations the family has supported the jihadist cause, the power and influence behind the 5th column “civilization jihad” being aided and abetted by Grover goes very high up the food chain. Remember, Grover is an “establishment republican” and carries water for the east coast establishment. How does this connect?

According to Ben Barrack,

There is one Muslim man who is connected to both Bush presidencies and at least two highly suspect Obama colleagues the John McCain campaign refused to go after in 2008. He provides the key to understanding why the Republican establishment protects the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

His name is Talat Othman and the two men he is connected to – besides George H.W. and George W. Bush – are Rashid Khalidi and Tony Rezko. Othman received an award from Khalidi’s boss, Yasser Arafat in 1997 for Othman’s contributions and support for the Palestinians. Othman is also credited with founding the Islamic Cultural Center (ICC) of Chicago. …

In Chicago, Muslim (Saudi) American (Chicagoan) Othman served as Treasurer of the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) with former PLO member and Barack Obama friend Rashid Khalidi, who was the ATFP’s Vice President. Othman is also credited with introducing convicted Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko to Illinois state politics. Othman’s career involves a stint as chairman of the terrorist-tied Islamic Free Market Institute … . For approximately three years in the late 1980’s and 1990, Othman sat on the Board of Harken Energy with George W. Bush and began consulting with then President George H.W. Bush in the Oval Office on the issue of Iraq and larger Middle East policy beginning in August of 1990. … There was definitely a connection between Harken and BCCI, though the significance of that connection is not fully known. (MUSLIM Talat Othman is KEY to Understanding WHY Republican Establishment PROTECTS Muslim Brotherhood, Part I, by Ben Barrack)

As a board member at Harken, Talat Othman was representing its third largest shareholder, Sheikh Abdullah Bakhsh of Saudi Arabia. The Sheikh, in turn, had close ties with one, Ghaith Pharaon, and the BCCI bank, founded in 1972 by a Pakistani, which after two decades of shady dealings around the world and in America (think the Stephen family Worthen Bank in Arkansas and the Clintons) was shut down in 1991 for, “money laundering, arms dealing, bribery, tax evasion and much more. (ibid.)” By 1979, the United States had begun clandestinely supporting the Islamist Mujahideen rebels in Afghanistan, led by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who had been recruited by the Pakistani secret service in 1973.

The CIA’s backing of the Mujahideen war in Afghanistan would become its largest covert operation in history, funded by an intricate series of clandestine and illegal activities, known as the Iran-Contra Affair, which involved the complicity of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi regime as well. Essentially, the tremendous wealth created in Saudi Arabia through the orchestration of the Oil Crisis, would act as a slush fund to fund the CIA’s covert operations. … The Saudis agreed to fund anti-communist guerrillas in Afghanistan, Angola, and elsewhere, who were supported by the Reagan administration, including the Contras of Nicaragua. …

Initially, in order to side-step Congress, the U.S. approached Prince Bandar to solicit Saudi aid in funding the Contras. Prince Bandar bin Sultan, who was the grandson of Ibn Saud, and Hassa bint Ahmed al-Sudairi, one of the most honored and respected women in Saudi Arabia, was appointed Saudi ambassador to the U.S. in 1983, at the age of 34, an appointment he served for twenty years. Prince Bandar has had unprecedented access to Presidents and most senior American officials since the Reagan era. He was a close family friend of the Bushes, named affectionately by Barbara as “Bandar Bush”. …

It was William Casey, with the collaboration of Richard Armitage in the Pentagon, who ran the Mujahideen covert war. Stinger missiles, mountain caves equipped as operation centers, military training camps for internationally recruited Islamic combatants, as well as training and recruitment inside the United States, were part of what was funded, using profits from the sale of opium and illicit drugs, funneled through the BCCI, at the behest of the Saudi Arabian government, working closely with the American CIA that used a proxy to cover its involvement, … Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). …

(ISI) was established in 1948, by Joseph Cawthorn, a British Intelligence agent of MI6, with whom it has continually maintained close ties. The power of the ISI increased for its first twenty years, until the emergence of Pakistan’s first popularly elected leader, the socialist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1971. Bhutto fell out of favor with the British, and was overthrown (in the mid-70s).

In his book, If I Am Assassinated, penned in prison, Bhutto relates how Henry Kissinger threatened him … telling him, “We will make an example of you!”[9] Bhutto was executed in 1978. A spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood boasted, “The Brotherhood has taken over in Iran and Pakistan. Bhutto stood for intrusion of the West into Islam. Bhutto was everything that Pakistan was not. That is why we killed him. And we will use his death as a warning to others.”

The primary conduit for CIA funds to the Mujahideen fighting in Afghanistan would be the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI … initially funded by Sheik Zayed of Abu Dhabi … . (Guns, Drugs and Jihad: Iran-Contra, BCCI and the Mujahideens)

Kissinger and the brotherhood spoke with one voice. The sheiks and princes of the House of Saud, and their ilk, were acting as the go-between, and BCCI was the money conduit.

BCCI was also deeply enmeshed in the world banking system.

Though BCCI was created by a Pakistani, it was ultimately a British-based and British-controlled bank. BCCI was initially incorporated in Luxembourg, famous for its lax banking restrictions, and soon branches and holding companies sprouted up around the globe … . After taking over the … Banque de Commerce et Placements of Geneva, Switzerland … , BCCI installed Alfred Hartmann as manager. Hartmann then became the chief financial officer for BCC Holding, and thus one of BCCI’s most influential directors. Hartmann maintained connections with the Rothschilds, being president of Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich. Hartmann was also vice-chairman of NY-InterMaritime Bank of Geneva, run by Mossad operative Bruce Rappaport, who was on the board of N.M. Rothschild and Sons in London. …

Casey had wanted to establish an offshore entity capable of conducting covert operations that was “stand-alone”, financially independent, and free from congressional oversight. BCCI was the solution. … BCCI became the favored bank for Middle Eastern terrorists, and arms and drug runners, South American drug cartels, organized crime lords, and intelligence services such as the ISI, Mossad, MI6 and the CIA. (ibid.)

CIA/BCCI even reached the Clintons in Arkansas through the Stephen’s Worthen Bank, and promoted them to Washington. You can refer to the above source for more on that. All of this is an earlier chapter that gives us a broader context to the influence scheme we are now discussing in which Othman represents the Sheik, Bakhsh, who “had close ties with” Gaith Pharaon of the BCCI bank. You can see the parallel. As for Gaith, as a major player in the BCCI scandal, he,

was officially designated by the FBI as a fugitive, beginning in 1991. The UK Guardian reported in 2007: “The FBI accuses the Saudi millionaire of fraud “involving millions of dollars” in the case of the Bank of Commerce and Credit International. … The link to the FBI page identifying Pharaon as a wanted fugitive no longer works but Pharaon is presumably still a fugitive after 23 years; he has never been exonerated. …

So why is Pharaon so difficult to find? He shouldn’t be. Today, he’s listed as the Chairman of Falcon Cement / Attock Cement Pakistan Limited and is prominently featured on the company’s website … .  (MUSLIM Talat Othman is KEY to Understanding WHY Republican Establishment PROTECTS Muslim Brotherhood, Part I, by Ben Barrack)

Pharaon is yet another graduate of the Harvard Business School (HBS).

It wasn’t long before,

in April of 2001 Othman got access to another Bush White House according to a guest list obtained by Paul Sperry. Joining Othman was Norquist and Jamal Barzinji who has been credited with authorizing construction of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, VA. This mosque is a hotbed of Islamic hate speech and has been acknowledged as a front for Hamas. (h/t Ryan Mauro at Clarion) … (ibid.)

Is it any surprise then, that it was, “Khaled Saffuri, whom close Bush adviser Karl Rove tapped to lead the Bush presidential campaign’s Muslim outreach in 2000″? (ibid.)

Harvard and Harvard Business School (HBS) seem to be a nexus of recruitment for an ongoing enterprise to influence politics and garner power. Harvard, and perhaps specifically HBS, is a logical recruiting field for a covert policing power of the Deep State such as the CIA. The ranks, and particularly upper ranks, of such organizations are typically populated with members of society’s upper crust. These educational institutions attract such candidates from all around the world.

As for Harvard, it’s worth noting that both Barack Obama and his father Barack Obama Sr. attended Harvard. In fact, as George W. was serving on the Harken Board, the man who would succeed him as President of the U.S. began attending Harvard Law School in 1988. …

Another Saudi Prince is suspected of having aided in Obama’s efforts to attend Harvard Law School. In 2008, Percy … Sutton claims Khalid al-Mansour prompted him to write a letter of recommendation for Obama and that al-Mansour worked for “one of the richest” men in the world. The man Sutton was referring to is believed to have been Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal … . (ibid.)

What is unearthed here, is a macabre corps known as “the Establishment”, and the shocking fact is that the establishment wants the Muslim Brotherhood to succeed in America. The impulse in the West for Jihad to succeed is not new. The House of Saud and the radical sect of Islam known as Wahhabism were birthed in the middle ages by covert action from the West.

For further reading, here are all three parts of MUSLIM Talat Othman is KEY to Understanding WHY Republican Establishment PROTECTS Muslim Brotherhood, quoted above:




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