America and China Stagnant

“When you look at only Americans that are from age 25 to age 54, 23.2 percent of them are unemployed right now.” That is what you get when you add together, “those that are looking for a job and those that are not looking for a job.” (23% Of Americans In Their Prime Working Years Are Unemployed, by Tyler Durden, 3/28/16)

“Back in December, New York-based China Beige Book (CBB) International (said) ‘National sales revenue, volumes, output, prices, profits, hiring, borrowing, and capital expenditure were all weaker than the prior three months… .” Then, “In the three months since the CBB’s last report,” there has been, “a persistent lack of hiring and a disheartening dearth of capex.” And, “exports, for instance, cratered more than 20% in RMB terms last month and 25% in USD terms – the third worst performance in history,” and “hiring has collapsed to a four-year low … . China is staring down what may end up being a catastrophic employment crisis … .” (China Beige Book Reveals Employment Plunges To 4-Year Low, Capex Worst In History, Tyler Durden, 3/28/16)

“This morning’s estimate of 1.4% Q4 GDP growth is being hailed as a pleasant surprise. Which is odd, considering that for most of the past century a number this low would have been seen as weak enough to require emergency action. And that’s just the headline number. Dig a little deeper and the picture — at least when viewed through a non-Keynesian lens — is of a system in crisis.” (Bad — But Better Than What’s Coming, John Rubino on March 25, 2016)

And … the bear signal. “An unusual (and almost unprecedented) event has occurred. Just as we saw in Gold ETFs, and Oil ETFs, TVIX Shares Outstanding have exploded by a stunning 225% in the last 4 weeks… [the last 3 times TVIX has undeergone such an epic surge in demand marked a major turning point and led a violent surge in VIX]” Something Just Snapped In The VIX ETF Complex, by Tyler Durden on 03/27/2016


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