The Arches of Destiny and the Ides of April

April 19: Temple Of Baal In New York Is Going Up Same Day The Blood Sacrifice To The Beast Begins

By Michael Snyder, on March 29th, 2016

… It turns out that the exact day when reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal are going to be erected in Times Square in New York City and in Trafalgar Square in London is also the exact day when a very important occult festival related to the worship of Baal begins.  April 19th is the first day of a 13 day period of time known as “the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast” that culminates on the high occult holy day of Beltane on May 1st.  In some parts of the world, Beltane is much better known as “May Day”, and it has been described as the “Illuminati’s second most sacred holiday”. (This period falls right in the middle of the Mayan festival of the Pleiades – icliks)  …

April 19th is also known as “the Feast of Moloch” … an ancient Canaanite god … .  Child sacrifice was a key feature of the worship of Moloch, and a giant statue of this pagan deity is set up at the Bohemian Grove in northern California every year.

Is it just a coincidence that reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria are going up in New York and London on the precise day when the Feast of Moloch is celebrated and when “the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast” begins?  …

The date they decided on begins a 13 day period of time which is exceedingly significant for the worship of Baal …

April 19 – May 1 – Blood Sacrifice To The Beast, a most critical 13-day period. Fire sacrifice is required on April 19.

April 19 is the first day of the 13-day Satanic ritual day relating to fire – the fire god, Baal, or Molech/Nimrod (the Sun God), also known as the Roman god, Saturn (Satan/Devil). This day is a major human sacrifice day, demanding fire sacrifice with an emphasis on children. This day is one of the most important human sacrifice days, and as such, has had some very important historic events occur on this day.”

… The following list of events (sacrifices – icliks) that have happened on or around April 19th comes from Vigilant Citizen

April 19, 1993 – Waco Massacre … April 19, 1995 –  Oklahoma City bombing … April 20,  1999 – Columbine High School Massacre … April 16, 2007 – Virginia Tech Massacre … April 16, 2013 – Boston Marathon Explosions (link by icliks) …

In addition, let’s not forget that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot to death on April 19th, and the explosion and fire on the Deepwater Horizon (link by icliks) took place on April 20th.

I also wanted to note that since 2016 is a leap year, April 20th will be the 111th day of the year, and triple numbers are considered to be “power dates” in the occult world. (666CERN666 – icliks) …

And as I discussed in my article the other day, the worship of Baal can be traced all the way back to an ancient king of Babylon that is known in Sumerian sources as Enmerkar, but that is known in the Bible as Nimrod.  He established the very first “New World Order” in the ancient world, and he fundamentally changed the course of human history.

After he passed away, this ancient king of Babylon eventually came to be worshipped as a sun god under a whole host of different names: Marduk, Osiris, Apollo etc. (Olympics 2012 Followup III  – icliks)

Many secret societies and occult groups believe that someday this ancient deity will be “resurrected” and will once again take his place as the ruler of the world.  And many Christians scholars are entirely convinced that there is some sort of connection between the ancient figure of Nimrod and the coming Antichrist. (Antichrist – icliks) …

Could it be possible that there is more to these “gateways” that are being constructed than we are being told? … (Antarctica and JP Morgan and You and Norway Spiral and Astana – icliks)

We have entered a period of time known in the Bible as “the last days”.  In fact, this is the focus of my new book.  If you think that what you have read in this article is a bit strange, well the truth is that you haven’t seen anything yet. From this point forward, things are going to get much, much stranger.

Ultimately, the world that we live in is going to come to resemble something out of a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel. …

(Kudos! Snyder is dead on, in my opinion, and worth bookmarking and following. Read More)


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