Nimrod by another Name

Nimrod was considered to be a Titan. Titans were rulers over mankind in very ancient times, being feared and worshiped by them. Their capabilities were well beyond brilliant, extending to what would be considered godlike. This is because Titans were hybrid beings: half human, half something else. In modern exoteric doctrine, none of this is considered believable and so is considered myth.


Sumerian Anu

In Nimrod’s day, a few hundred years after the flood of Noah, the prototype of the Titans – the nephelim that had ruled the world prior the flood – had been destroyed. Nimrod brought all the world back under their order of things. He instituted the tradition his grandfather, Ham (Hermes), had been traveling the world to teach: Hermeticism. Ham had rebelled against their founding patriarch, Noah, and gone abroad to persuade the world to join him. Before he went abroad, Ham converted the people in his native land, Egypt. He taught them the ways of the world that had been submerged in the flood.

According to Laurence Gardner, Noah’s son, Ham was Hermes, who taught the Atlantean doctrine to the Egyptians.

“The Tables of Testimony…not to be confused with the Ten Commandments…are rather more associated with the original Table of Destiny of the Anunnaki… This ancient archive is directly associated with the Emerald Table of Thoth/Hermes, and, as detailed in alchemical records of Egypt, the author of the preserved writings was the Biblical Ham, a great Archon of the Grail bloodline. He was the essential founder of the esoteric and arcane ‘underground stream’ which flowed through the ages and his Greek name, Hermes, was directly related to the science of pyramid construction, deriving from the word herma, which relates to a ‘pile of stones’.” (348:219)

Nimrod was the grandson of Ham. He appears to have been given the name (or title) Nimrod in reference to his imperial accomplishments. He ruled, not in Babylon, only, but also in Egypt where he was deified as Osiris. Whereas Egypt had been settled for many years prior, was its first Pharaoh. It is no stretch to say that the name or title described below indicates the status of deity-king that he created and filled.

All young ancient Egyptians were taught that Osiris, the male human aspect of the One Supreme God, lived and reigned as the first king of Egypt.  However, Osiris was slain by his evil brother, Seth … . As Nimrod became the constellation Orion after his demise, the Egyptian sun god, Osiris, whose untimely death was mourned by Isis and all of Egypt, is also universally identified as the ‘soul of Orion’. …  (Two Babylons, by Hislop, at

He was known throughout the ancient world as the Son, “Nin”.

“From Assyria, Egypt, and Greece, we have cumulative and overwhelming evidence, all conspiring to demonstrate that the child worshipped in the arms of the goddess-mother in all these countries in the very character of Ninus or Nin, ‘The Son,’ was Nimrod, the son of Cush. A feature here, or an incident there, may have been borrowed from some succeeding hero; but it seems impossible to doubt, that of that child Nimrod was the prototype, the grand original. …

The amazing extent of the worship of this man indicates … that in his own day he was an object of high popularity. Though by setting up as king, Nimrod invaded the patriarchal system, and abridgedthe liberties of mankind, yet he was held by many to have conferred benefits upon them …  (Two Babylons, by Hislop, at

What benefit, primarily did Nimrod bestow upon the people? It was that he freed them (in his view and in their view) of the oppression of the Patriarch, Noah. Noah had espoused the “one True God” that had destroyed the prior world, sinking it under the waves of the flood. Noah’s way involved the worship of this God alone and restraint of the passions. Nimrod in delivering the world from this “bondage” became the great Apostate. In the tradition of Noah this would have had a negative connotation, but the same term spoken from within the tradition of Nimrod would have been a form of praise.

He is said to have been … the first of mortals that reigned, and the first that offered idolatrous sacrifices. This character can agree with none but that of Nimrod. Now the name given to him in connection with his ‘gathering men together,’ and offering idolatrous sacrifice, is very significant.

OsirisBlackAndIsisPhoroneus, in one of its meanings, and that one of the most natural, signifies the ‘Apostate.’ * That name had very likely been given him by the uninfected portion of the sons of Noah. But that name had also another meaning, that is, ‘to set free’; and therefore his own adherents adopted it, and glorified the great ‘Apostate’ from the primeval faith, though he was the first that abridged the liberties of mankind, as the grand “Emancipator!” ** …

* From Pharo, also pronounced Pharang, or Pharong, ‘to cast off, to make naked, to apostatise, to set free.’ … [is the “make naked” a reference to his following in the tradition of Ham, whose great sin was to reveal his father’s nakedness? Possibly. He truly did follow in the tradition of Ham, through Cush. Certainly, in the sense of apostatise, “make naked” is a reference to removing the clothing that God provided Adam and Eve in the garden, and “set free” is to be set free from the restraints of righteous living as defined by that same God. This is said in the next paragraph.]

All tradition from the earliest times bears testimony to the apostacy of Nimrod, and to his success in leading men away from the patriarchal faith (of Noah), and delivering their minds from that awe of God and fear of the judgments of heaven that must have rested on them while yet the memory of the flood was recent. And according to all the principles of depraved human nature, this too, no doubt, was one grand element in his fame; for men will readily rally around any one who can give the least appearance of plausibility to any doctrine which will teach that they can be assured of happiness and heaven at last, though their hearts and natures are unchanged, and though they live without God in the world. How great was the boon conferred by Nimrod on the human race, in the estimation of ungodly men, by emancipating them from the impressions of true religion…” (Two Babylons, by Hislop, at

Why should we care about all this (besides the fascination of it)? The fact of the matter is that whatever you or I may or may not believe about it, the core of the world elite are hermeticists. They follow, in a hidden way, the tradition of Nimrod. Not only do their secrets interpret his story as actual history, but they take it as their history and legacy. They are actively and constantly working in the world to bring the pantheon of Nimrod back, looking forward to the day when “the gods” will walk among men under the rule of their chiefest god, Nimrod, or one like him.

Sooner or later they will succeed and their gnostic, hermetic doctrine will usurp the symbols, stories, and teachings of the true God making it appear to most of the world that their messiah-king is the true redeemer of the human race. In fact, however, the light that this redeemer brings will be the light of illumination given to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden by the serpent Lucifer. This light will be returned to mankind by a descendant of Nimrod – the once and future king.

This success, of course, will be short-lived. Jesus Christ himself will return, and the Apostate will lead the world in a war against him. The Apostate will lose.

You probably don’t believe this interpretation. Just watch and wait. It will prove true.

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