Patriots rotting in Jail

Cliven Bundy Writes to America from Jail: Are You Going to Let Patriots and Veterans Stand Alone?


Political prisoner Cliven Bundy recently wrote a letter from jail. The letter, dated April 11, 2016, appealed to the US government and the American people to not let patriots and veterans who have served their country to rot in jail and trample upon the Constitution.

“It is your time to come forward – to defend and make right!” the letter began. “Two years ago tomorrow, the Bundy Ranch stood for liberty and freedom. Many stood with us, many prayed for us, and freedom won.” …

“I come to you because you have American patriots and veterans jailed by federal US Justice Dept.,” Bundy wrote. “They have been there over two months. These women and men, most have served you America, overseas, one or more tours fighting and defending, sacrificing, enduring the savage of war, putting their lives on the line. They love their country, taking an oath that they would defend her against foreign and domestic enemies and to defend America’s constitution! These are the very best America has. Treat them that way!”

“You are treating them like terrorists waiting to see them rot in federal prison,” Bundy chastised. “These patriots came as individuals, dressed in their fatigues to share the burden and responsibility of protecting (the Bundy ranching family Nevada and the Hammond ranching family Oregon) their safety, property, constitutionality and state rights. These patriots have never harmed a soul on American soil or destroyed property. They only desire the best for America and they have been, they are, and they will stand strong and tall for America.”

He then asked, “Are you going to let them stand alone!!!?” …

“As defendants, in jail, they are depending on US public defenders to represent their defense,” Bundy added. “That’s not good enough!! American lawyers, there are thousands of you. Come, at least 10 for each defendant. You veterans and your lawyers, where are you?” … “America, very good men and women’s lives and liberty are in your hands!” Bundy concluded. “Wake up America! I pledge justice for all!”

If you wish to help contribute to the Bundys and help them in financing a defense or helping in other ways, click here and you can donate via their website. Also, you can help reporter Pete Santilli as well by clicking here. These men need our support. If you can’t provide finances, please consider writing to them to encourage them and praying for them.

(from Freedom Outpost)

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