Vaccines cause Autism

Beware “conspiracy theory” and “tinfoil hat” and similar shame labels. They are used to prevent people from thinking the truth. Of course there are times when an opinion or theory actually is wrong-minded. But many times, the establishment has inserted ideas into the common culture that are simply to its advantage or to the advantage of favored elements within it.

This phenomenon has the herd thinking many things that are not true. It is hard to stand in front of such a herd and endure its ridicule. The social engineers know this, and use shame labels to get leverage from it: bringing ridicule upon those who think undesirable things, and reinforcing  the fear of embarrassment that all the rest have of befalling a similar fate.

Case in point:

There have been persistent rumors that vaccines cause autism — a hypothesis that is rejected by both government and science, with believers dismissed as tin-foil hat-wearing “conspiracy theorists,” as if there are no true conspiracies.

Now, those “conspiracy theorists” are vindicated by an admission by none other than the manufacturer of the DTaP vaccine, Sanofi Pasteur Inc., that an “adverse reaction” of the vaccine is autism. … (It’s not paranoia: Maker of DTaP vaccine admits it causes autism by

This is not to say that vaccination causes autism in every case … obviously. Really it is just an example of the conflict of interest between the herd and the individual who may have a differing opinion. What if someone thinks that the vaccines being produced today by the pharmaceutical industry are full of toxins and dangerous? What if someone has experienced superior benefits from building their immune system through “alternative” (there’s another buzzword) methods? Should they have the freedom of choice to refuse vaccinations and to refuse vaccinations for their precious children? Or should they be forced to be injected, and their children forced to receive injections, against their will?

In my opinion this is pretty much a no-brainer, but the herd has it wrong.


Consider also Robert Kennedy, Jr. is right about vaccines: A medically induced ‘holocaust’ is now upon us

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