Opening the Gates

The CERN Key
Opening the Gates of Hell

The Kev Baker Radio Show interviews Chris from Endtimes Matrix News, Anthony Patch, Gons, aka, Face like the Sun

The occult thinks and communicates with code.

Here are some fairly random notes from the first half-hour or so.

On 4/19 replicas of the Gates of Baal to are to be erected in NYC and London (I think this has since been canceled.).

Gons: Disney has been promoting portals in its cartoons.

Someone: Entertainment is used by the occult to attenuate the public to their sacrifices. As one example, 911 caused a spike in viewing of the movie, Independence Day.

Chris: The Baal gates will be used for sacrifice. When the antichrist comes he will demand sacrifices to himself all around the world. There will be thousands of these temples that the UN is helping to put up.

Tony: The gates are presented as spiritual portals. CERN will substantiate a freeway for demonic entities to pass over. The gates might better be described as targets. The entities will take up residence at the gates, establishing spiritual kingdoms or battle stations.

Gons(?): The CERN collider sits on a confluence of ley lines.

Kev: It is over a temple of Apollo/Baal.

Scott Lopez: Mass death events in these cities become sacrifices at these gates.

Mod: No doubt they are working on bringing in some entity. When God broke up the languages, Nimrod obtained many names. Three prominent rabbis have said that the antichrist is already here and will be revealed soon.

Tony: Chris can really talk about the ancient gods and put all the family trees together. The opening of the portals is the Rev 9:1-3 the key to the bottomless pit. There is a time of sacrifice coming. In the fall the Awake experiment are scheduled to be performed with a  new type of particle accelerator.

Chris: All the occult gets their info and bloodlines from Egypt: Japheth and Ham were there. The Ogdoad represents the Eye, and the occult wants to re-instate it. It is their big bang. Semele was the daughter of Cadmus of Japheth., being in the line of Japheth. In Egypt she married Amon (Zeus), who was on the side of Ham. The Roman emperors claimed to be sons of Jupiter (Zeus). The Vatican and the Nazis believe they are descendants, too.

The eye of Lucifer. In paleo-Hebrew, which came from Phoenician, the letters represented the star gods. A is Taurus and B is Orion etc. The two eyes are Gemini and Sagittarius. They equal XX. Skull and Bones is tied to this. Sagittarius is also the mouth. I was the guard of the  gate. in the Milky Way where the silver gate is. Now the guard is Gemini. The Gemini twins represent Apollo and Hermes: the sun and the moon.

The Vatican Jubilee ritual is somehow related to this. The Pope met with Kiril also. You can see the Skull and Bones symbol between them when they met.

Chris: The nephelim were the children of Saturn. The second generation Titans lived during the war of Helen of Troy, which occurred at the time of the Exodus. She was the mother of King Tut, but this is hidden from history. There will be a war between the Titans and the Olympians once the gate is opened. The Vatican has to bring Helen of Troy’s jewelry to Israel for the temple to be built. …






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