Islam as Tool

The plan for ww3 is already set and its implementation in progress. A Canadian, William Carr, wrote about it years ago. All elements of society had been  already been inflitrated by the conspirators behind this plan at that time, including the churches. Carr wrote the book, “Satan, Prince of this World”.Islam will probably be involved in some way in WW3, although this is not said in the video. What it does say regarding Islam is that Pike wrote it would be used to destroy the West. In America, the video says, the main thrust of this push was kicked off in 2001. Maybe in some kind of official sense – but the development of the project at least as it is managed within and/or through the United States, seems to have been built on a cluster of events over several decades. Read, The Mole, Grover Norquist. The purpose is to destroy Christian civilization in order to usher in the Luciferian religion and world dictatorship.

The groundwork for what Pike was talking about was laid 100s of years ago, and even in Pike’s day (American War between the States, aka, Civil War) , the plan to develop Islam for this purpose was well developed. See the Medieval Roots of Jihad.

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