Cryptocurrency Coming of Age

Bitstamp has now become the first nationally licensed Bitcoin exchange, approved to operate across 28 countries in the European Union, it was announced on Monday.


… “This is an industry first,” Bitstamp cofounder and chief executive Nejc Kodric told Forbes. “We are entering a new era where [being a licensed exchange] is becoming an industry standard. … (This) allows us to be taken seriously and partner up with more serious institutions, because we had a lot of discussions in the past but it always comes to a point where there’s no one overseeing us, and bigger financial institutions are still reluctant to work with unlicensed companies doing [financial technology].”…

Bitcoin users hope this will help provide more legitimacy to the digital cash …


(Yes, it shows the legitimacy of cryptocurrency in general. Cryptocurrency is coming of age. Bitcoin is, of course the most widely known and held cryptocurrency; but there is another much faster growing currency that is in the number two slot and gaining fast: OneCoin.)


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