Give me your Tired, your Poor, … your Children. Now!

A horrible syndicate is forcibly stealing children from their parents and families. This is very profitable and the syndicate is growing in size and power. Your children are at risk.

This is the end result of the smiley-faced war on the family that started years ago, enticing us to “emancipate” our women by sending them out into the workforce and to war while dropping our children off daily to be raised by the State-regulated (and sometimes run) daycares. Since then, the State monster has grown and grown and our own inner strength has weakened and become anemic.

Now the monster is going around claiming the right to abduct your precious little ones and plug them into its social services money generator. It will destroy them, not if it can, but because it is using them as sausage and it doesn’t care. They will lose their parents and be re-progammed by a sociopath: the State.

It is not too late to take action. Think about it.


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