The Eagle, the Fox, and the Bat

Mr. and Mrs. Leal give this presentation together. They have researched Trump, and promise that in sequels they will get to this research, but this session is primarily about Mr. Leal’s prophetic dreams.

Following are my notes from the audio, Trump Expose – Part 1 – News from the Wall, May 17, 2016

The team Trump is putting together includes members of the CFR, the New World Order, neo-con types, and so forth; some coming from both the Bush and Clinton administrations. One example they give is that in an interview, Trump named Richard Hoss, president of the CFR, as the person he thought was the best on foreign policy. Trump will not be the outsider he is presented as.

Trump does intend to make America great again, but he doesn’t understand what always made America great and thinks that attracting money and power will be all that it takes. Essentially they are saying that he has no moral compass, or if he does it is not rooted in the Christian God.

Nathan Leal’s prophesies

To set context, he points out that he had a prophetic dream 5 years ago that the American eagle was about to die but robbed America’s nest eggs and morphed into an orange/gold (especially the head) creature with a fox’s face and a bat’s wings. It then turned to him and smiled. So in spite of the fact that it was no longer what America had always been, it still gave the appearance of the American eagle and the appearance of being friendly and good.

Who has an orange/golden head and face, and seems a bit fox-like and is seeking the support of America’s heartland? Trump! The dream, of course, pre-dates him.

In another dream some years ago he saw elephants with red blankets on their backs walking down the road in the right lane in a parade-like row, but they were spooked by something and began running and trumpeting. A large number of them took an exit to the right. Leal interprets the trumpeting as referring to Trump and as predicting a mass exodus from the Republican Party. He says that elephants with red blankets are famous for having been used in war and interprets the dream to possibly mean that if Trump wins the election there will be war, and this is what will split the Republican party.

This brings us to the vision Leal had this winter. Facing north, he saw a large creature flying far in the distance. It looked like a pterodactyl, but when it came above him, he could see it was a very large gargoyle-like thing with batwings. It was gold/orange (especially the head and face) and its skin was leathery. It had a crew-cut and a square shaped face. He prayed about this dream and believes he was informed that this thing is a principality (a high-level, fallen angelic being serving as ruler over a region) coming over the land of America. It is powerful and is skilled in deception and will delude the people of the land.

Leal believes that end-time Babylon refers to America., and that she will become the home of every unclean thing or bird (fallen angels and demons and followers of their practices).

Then the following actually happened on the Leal farm, which he and his wife regard as prophetic not just for them but for the nation. One or more golden eagles killed a ewe lamb and its baby and ate their fill of the baby. Then they left and a bald eagle arrived and finished consuming everything out of the insides of the carcasses leaving only the skin. It was picked so clean it didn’t even smell.

The gold eagles represent a new inward form that America will take, and the bald eagle represents what America has always been. The new American government, in partnership with participants from its old form, will consume the wealth and soul of its people leaving a hollowed out skin of a country that looks like what America always was but is only a sanitized corpse.

About a week before the presentation, on May 9, 2016, Leal had two more dreams. He was standing on the edge of a highway with four lanes all going in one direction and traffic stopped on it five to ten cars deep. About two hundred feet ahead of the stopped traffic was a T intersection that required turning either left or right. Buildings lined the far side of the T. A semi was rapidly approaching from behind the stopped traffic pulling a house that was cut in half. Since it could not stop it attempted to go around the traffic on the left enbankment across the front yards of homes that were there. It lost control and crashed into one of them – the divided house crashed into a neighborhood house. Then the cars began to move forward but against their will, with failed brakes. The cars in the two left lanes attempted to turn left, but were by then moving too fast and crashed into the buildings. The cars in the two right lanes attempted to turn right but suffered the same plight. As soon as this commercial traffic crashed, an overpass appeared above, crossing all four lanes. It was made of steel girders without concrete or pavement. It was like an erector set, but there were cars on it. It began swaying left and right, endangering Leal, who could not exit left or right. He ran forward to escape as it collapsed behind him. But when the girders above an in front of him began to fall, he prayed for mercy and they began to fall in slow motion so he got out. But there were many people beneath this overpass that died in the collapse.

This dream awoke Leal but he fell right back to sleep and immediately had another. Now he was standing in a field with nothing around, and could only see a giant oak door about 15 feet in front of him. He could hear the happy sounds of his children singing and music playing. He reached to open the door, which was about 6 ft wide and 10 ft tall with a pointed arch at the top. As soon as it cracked open the sounds stopped and there was compete silence, and he was sucked through it, finding himself in the middle of a downtown street in a very large city with high-rise buildings. He could see about 5 blocks ahead –  maybe about 30 buildings in all, lining both the left and right sides of the street. They were of an older style like from the 1930s, and all a monotonous grayish white. Every building had a sign on the very top that said Trump. The signs were red white and blue with red borders, white letters, and a blue background. It was as though the signs were required on every building. So now all was the same, right and left. It was all Trump in red, white, and blue, all the time.

The message is, fundamentally, that America is in the thrall of a power that will hollow out its ethical and physical resources, and  that Trump is the eagle with the golden fox-like head and face. He is neither left nor right. His governance will be militaristic and will become tyrannical. Under his watch the government will confiscate the wealth of its citizens. But more importantly, the soul of America will be gutted while its appearance remains outwardly the same.


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