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Hm. Well this never occurred to me. It is possible for genetically modified food to be called non-GMO. So in your search for healthy, non-adulterated food, consider …. CRISPR!

Canada to regulate CRISPR technology

By June 2, 2016

… Despite its complicated name, “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats,” CRISPR dramatically simplifies the gene editing process. Likened to a “search-and-replace” function for genes, it is touted as a scientific breakthrough as important as transgenics, for which scientists insert genes from another species into a plant to change its behaviour.

“We’ve never been able to go in and make such a precise change as we can now with gene editing,” Wendy Harwood, a John Innes Centre scientist based in Norwich, England told Reuters.

… the U.S. regulatory system has determined plants developed using CRISPR are not GMOs … U.S. regulatory authorities waved through the first plant developed using CRISPR/Cas-9 earlier this year, a button mushroom that doesn’t brown. But the U.S. government has also announced a review of its regulatory process.

In Europe, which has never fully embraced GMOs, a new debate is brewing. …

GMO or not?

Unlike traditional GMOs, in which a gene is added from another organism, gene editing works like the find-and-replace function on a word processor. It finds a gene and then makes changes by amending or deleting it. …

Biotechnology companies, meanwhile, argue their gene-edited products are “non-GMO,” since they do not contain foreign DNA from a different species. …



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