Your Rulers

I have this video pointed to about 50 minutes in, where, it will seem at first to be about the Shriners. This part or aspect of Masonry really is a reflection of something larger. Keep watching and you will get the larger context.

Imagine someone who has risen through the ranks of Masonry, and as well up to a high strata of society. They have come to believe that they themselves, their friends, this life, and Masonry represent the highest virtues. They have been taught and have come to believe that without virtue, honor, and integrity none of this could happen.

Then they are introduced to the Jesters. The only way they can maintain their status and possessions and continue to move forward in the way they have always thought led to success now is to party with these lascivious and perverted people and, due to the temptations of the flesh, to eventually become like of them. They must do this or reject their friends and be pushed out, and give up the good life – the life they thought represented all the best of things. This is soul trauma, similar in kind and intent if not degree to the child abuse that the elite rich use on their young to split and program their personalities so that they can grow up to take positions of great power.

“The way of the world is death.” When I was young, that sounded to me like a trite and repressive expression. Now I am finally growing up and putting away childish things I see it with certainty. The way of the world is death. Worship God through Jesus Christ, who conquered sin and death for you. It is in his character that true virtue lies and it is worthy that we fall on our faces and worship him. Do that and you will be lifted up and exalted together with him. That’s just the way he is.

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