CERN, Obama, Osiris

The video below says that people are working behind the scenes to finish preparing the Beast system.

In the ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris, Osiris is murdered by Set who then usurps the throne. Osiris’ wife Isis restores his body and he thereby post-humously impregnates her. Osiris is usually depicted as black and is also known as Nimrod and Baal. Nimrod is of course infamous for having attempted to build the Tower of Babel in Babylon. Babel means Gate of God in Accadian, which is what the tower was intended to be (well, not the Judeao-Christian God). It was intended as a portal for the line of god-kings espoused by the apostate line of Ham.


The modern ISIS has been destroying artifacts and historical sites which were dedicated to Nimrod, the first (or symbolizes the first) Freemason. The videograph speculates that ISIS is working to free Osiris by destroying these artifacts and sites. By embodying him, they have preserved but also imprisoned him, and the idea in smashing them is to set him free to rule again.

The singer, Rihanna, who wears a tattoo of Isis on her chest just below her breasts and so symbolizes Isis, recently visited the White House and while there performed a brief “impromtu” enactment. Pretending to be Olivia Pope, from outside the White House she repeated, “Cyrus, let me in!” Cyrus sounds like, and so symbolically means Osiris. The front of the torso of her dress had a graphic depicting the CERN hadron collider. This collider is intended by the scientists at CERN to open a portal for Osiris, and she symbolized their opening the gate to the most powerful seat of authority in the world for Isis and Osiris to be reunited. Isis, in this case, seems to depict the people of the present time calling for the opening of a portal and arrival of their god-king, the ancient Osiris, who has been preserved in stasis for this time.

Meanwhile, the CERN foundation produced a movie short promo called Symmetry with obvious occultic/alchemical overtones. Their logo symbolizes 666. Besides the CERN video, there are numerous other examples of this kind of symbolic spell-casting. Some group recently sought to build in NYC a replica of the gate of Baal that ISIS destroyed. This didn’t work out as scheduled, but as I remember, they built one somewhere else at the time, and six months later did get one built in New York. The point is that this is important to them. The Swedes performed a demonic dance ceremony upon the opening of their super-tunnel.

The Brits performed a demonic and highly symbolic ceremony at the 2012 Olympics, which was preceded by public ceremonial sacrifices including the Aurora movie theatre shooting and the 666 Boylston Street marathon bombing.

The videographer spoke about Obama as acting in the spirit of Osiris and, among other things, calling for uniting of the three major world religions, “Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.” and the blending of the races.

He notes that the horse number 18 (666), American Pharaoh, won the triple crown race. This symbolically predicted and/or confirmed Barak Obama becoming the American pharaoh.

The world elite want to bring in their king, who will likely be the antichrist of the Christians.

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